Sebby’s 6th Birthday Party with Mad4Animals

When I asked Sebby what he wanted to do for his birthday party this year, his only suggestion was something different!

Last year he loved his party with Dr Balloonman and I knew that he would be a tough act to beat, but when my friend recommended Mad4Animals to me, I knew Sebby and his friends would love it.

I hired the Explorer Centre at Butchers Coppice for Sebby’s party and AJ has already arrived and was setting up when we got there, which worked really well as the kids couldn’t see what animals he had brought with him.

Sebby’s only other request was a Plants vs Zombies / Super Smash Bros birthday cake, so I set my friend Michelle from Sculpted Bakes a challenge to make one. Sebby LOVED it and “Zombie Mario” was made of plasticine, so is now sat pride of place on his bedside table.

Once everyone had arrived, AJ sat the kids on the floor in front of him and the adults behind on chairs and began the show.

He had the kids, and adults, engaged from the start with his zany antics and fun innuendo.

Eliza was the first volunteer of the party and bravely met and held a corn snake.

AJ was not only brilliant fun, but also very knowledgable about all the animals he brought with him, giving us all fun facts each creature he introduced.

He used volunteers from both the kids and the adults to take part in some fun challenges, using fun and laughter to help anyone overcome any fears.

The Giant Snails were particularly fun – how close will you let one get to your face?

For Sebby’s party we got to see snakes, a tarantula, lizards, Giant African Snails, Hissing Cockroaches and a Barn Owl.

Barn Owl Mad4Animals

I am not a fan of anything creepy crawly and can normally be found hiding at the back, but AJ was so good that I managed to conquer my fears.

First I held a piece of wood with a tarantula on it and then, I held the tarantula itself and it was OK. I actually did it twice in the end, although I still won’t be volunteering for spider evicting duties at home!!

Once the fun and games were over, all the children got the opportunity to meet, hold and have photo’s with some of the animals AJ had brought along.

Some of the Mum’s, inspired by my bravery with the tarantula, held it too!!

My Mother-in-Law, who is terrified of snakes and hid in the kitchen whenever one was brought out, bravely had one draped around her neck and admitted it wasn’t that bad!!

I adore owls and was over the moon to be able to hold the Barn Owl.

If you are looking for a party that is full of fun, laughter and maybe the odd scream then I highly recommend Mad4Animals – check out their party packages at or at

Mad4Animals Sebby Party

In fact it was so good that Eliza wants him to come back for her birthday in January!!

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  1. Sounds like a fun party! I held an owl once, they are so cool! I love Mario and the cake looks like it came out perfectly.

  2. Oh wow, that looks fantastic!!! The kids must have loved seeing all the different creatures, mine would.

  3. What a great idea for your boy’s birthday party. All the creepy crawlies must have brought a smile to his face.

  4. That sounds like a really cool party idea, although I don’t think I could get too close as I’m not keen on snakes and spiders etc x


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