Keeping your independence at home for longer

Getting older is no fun, but sadly happens to us all, eventually.

As our loved ones aged, they may have already downsized their family home once their kids fled the nest and the thought of making another move would be scary and often unnecessary option, as there are a few adjustments to the home that can make staying there easier.

With the advance of technology, there many home improvements that can be made to make life easier, such as updating the bathroom, or adding balance rails, however the most popular is installing a stairlift for older people.

Reasons why you should consider a stairlift

Stairlift in use

Many elderly people suffer with mobility issues, often caused by conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, which can cause inflammation to one or more joints, making climbing the stairs painful and difficult.

The installation of a stairlift could help to offer a better quality of life with the least amount of stress in comparison with moving to a retirement flat or bungalow.

A stair life is also able to offer health benefits to the user’s carer or spouse, because they will no longer have to put their bodies under pressure to help the user safely navigate the stairs.

There is also the fun factor – as a child my parents owned a rest home and we loved taking the stairlift up and down the stairs when not being used the the residents. Think of the fun the grandkids will have heading up and down the stairs!!

What type of Stairlift should I choose?

Stairlifts fall into two main categories: straight and curved, with the latter being more bespoke and therefore the more pricey of the options.

Seated Stair Lifts have either a fixed or drop-down seat and can be used as both a straight or curved option.

Standing / perching stairlifts are used for narrow staircases where space is a premium.

Outdoor stairlifts are more weather proof and can be used on any outdoor steps to the front or rear of your property.

How have you helped your elderly relatives stay more independent?

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