Receive personal message from Father Christmas with Portable North Pole

Now that Halloween and Bonfire Night are behind us, the countdown to Christmas has officially started in our house.

That also means that the threat of being good for Father Christmas will soon be coming into play (if I need it).

We have been fans of Portable North Pole (PNP) for a few years. If you have not heard of it, it is the original Santa messaging service that globally has send over 220 million messages since its creation in 2008.

It is really easy to use too. Simply download the app, available on App Store and Google Play and start creating your very own personalised Santa Christmas video for your loved ones!

There are 3 passes to choose from, as well as a free version:

  • Video Pass £9.99
  • Magic Pass £12.99
  • Ultimate Pass £34.99

Currently only paid videos are available at the Portable North Pole, but from 24th November, free videos will be available! If you hop over to the PNP website, you can sign up for an alert so you don’t miss this.

What can you do in the PNP app?

We have the Magic Pass which gives us access to the PNP app until 30th September 2020. This allows us to create videos for special events like birthdays and Easter too.

Portable North Pole

I had a minor panic attack when Eliza found my phone and asked what PNP is. Thankfully, I explained that it was my hotline to Father Christmas as he is trying to get up to speed with technology. If she opens the app she cannot access parents corner where the magic really happens.


The videos are easy to do. Simply fill in the personal details of each person you want to create a video for and watch the magic happen – they are so realistic.

PNP Form

Of course, it is the kids reaction to the videos which is worth its weight in gold and PNP has a reaction cam too, so you can keep the magical moment for years to come.

Another benefit of the app is not just helping the kids behaviour, but also helping them through any tough moments. Father Christmas is there ready to tell them how proud he is of them, how he sees them doing good things – enough to turn a miserable day around instantly.

PNP Sleigh

There are also games, bedtime stories and a clever advent calendar for the kids to open and play every day.

Bedtime Story

Keep an eye on my social media for some of our videos as I make them, along with our reaction cam. I cannot wait to start using the app again.

Disclaimer: We were offered the PNP Magic Pass for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are our own

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