Should You Allow Your Daughter To Be A Teen Model?

Your daughter may love fashion and envision herself being a model. What happens if her interest turns into something serious? What do you do if she says that that is really what she wants to do?

It’s one thing for your daughter to fantasise about being a model. It’s quite another when she asks for help in becoming one.

Is it ok these days for your teen to become a model? There has been a lot of unsavoury news regarding teen models lately so you may scoff at the idea at first.

In this article, we will take a realistic look at this and see if it makes sense for your daughter to become a model.

What does it take to be a model?

Before we get into whether it is a good idea, we need to look at the teen model requirements to see if it is even a viable option.

The most obvious thing to consider is looks. Does your teen realistically have the looks to be a model? She should have good complexion and have unusual looks. Looking like the girl next door is good, but frumpy won’t cut it.

She should also be mature for her age and ready to face some serious criticism about her looks. If you think she can handle the rigours of modelling and auditioning then it may make sense to go further and pursue it.

Do you have what it takes?

Being the parent of a teen model is not easy. You also have to have what it takes. Think about how difficult it was dealing with talking about her first period. If that was really uncomfortable for you to go through, then brace yourself. You’re going to have a lot more frequent difficult conversations if she does end up getting some interest as a model.

Then there are the logistics to deal with. You’ll be responsible for getting her to bookings on time. Sometimes on very short notice. If you schedule is inflexible then this is probably not going to work anyway.

I talked about dealing with rejection in the last section. This goes for you too. You’ll also be feeling the sting when you hear that you’re daughter isn’t good enough. You’ll need thick skin.

Is it a good idea?

Only you can answer this question. You know your daughter better than anybody. Take some time and give it some thought. If you think she has the maturity to make good decisions then it may prove to be a good thing to do. If she is very immature then it probably is not going to go well.

It is a cutthroat industry that can burn people out very quickly. If she does go forward and ends up getting some work, make sure that she is disciplined enough to still do well at school. She will definitely need something to fall back on if her modelling career is short.

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