How to look after your garden in wet weather

Does it feel like this wet weather is never-ending?

It almost feels like it has been raining non-stop since the kids went back to school in September and our garden is really suffering for it.

The grass hasn’t had its pre-winter trim and is covered in moss and pine needles and the borders are in serious need of some TLC.

Did you know that when soil is waterlogged, plants literally drown? Water fills all the air spaces between the soil particles and this prevents oxygen from reaching the roots, but I have some handy tips to help look after your garden during periods of wet weather.

How to look after your garden in wet weather

Install Artificial Grass

If you have a young family, or pets, who enjoy using the garden, whatever the weather, consider having artificial grass installed.

It is a safer, more weather-resistant surface than natural grass, because there’s no slippery mud or pooling surface water, plus you won’t have to clean up after muddy feet or paw prints when they come back in the house.

Artificial Lawn

Winter is the perfect time to install artificial grass because the ground is softer and easier to work with.


To prevent your garden from becoming water logged, you can add mulch to the root areas of plants to assist with drainage and fork over the soil to prevent compaction.

If the problem is really bad, install a drainage system by digging ditches to help the water flow away.

For grass areas, spike lawns with a motorised spiker, or just use a fork and add lime-free sand to improve drainage.

Garden Tools

Choose planting scheme wisely

If poor drainage, flooding and waterlogging are persistent problems, it could be worth rethinking your planting scheme. Choose shrubs, trees and perennials that thrive in wet soil such as Hydrangea, Siberian flag iris and Honeysuckles.



Looks after your plants

Heavy rain and wind can destroy taller, less secure plants. Make sure you remove any dead shoots or limbs to make them more streamlined and secure them with some sort of support. Bamboo works really well, simply secure into the ground and then lightly tie your plant to the pole.

How do you protect your garden from all this wet weather?

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