4 Winter Style Tips for Little Girls

There is a definite art to dressing kids for our changeable winter weather.

So far this winter we have seen more than our fair share of rain, with very mild temperatures meaning that we have needed to rely on waterproof coats rather than thick padded coats, however, it is important to remember that children can lose heat rapidly and often won’t feel the cold, so we need dress them appropriately.

How do you keep the kids warm and stylish through the winter months?


It is possible to look stylish whilst keeping warm and layering is key as the pockets of air between clothing layers actually help trap heat and keep the kids warm.

For average winter weather I would recommend a vest, long-sleeved top and a jumper / cardigan over the top, however, if you are out in the snow for a long period of time or in very cold weather I would recommend thermal layers and clothing made specifically for winter conditions.

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Layering also allows kids to remove a jacket or sweater when they go inside or get in the car.

Coats and Jackets

A good quality transitional weather coat is important to help keep kids warm and dry. Look for one that has a removable layer that can be added or taken away with a change in the weather.


Owning a pair of boots is a must in the UK, as who doesn’t love a spot of jumping up and down in puddles.

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However, if you don’t want to invest in a pair of wellies, there are plenty of more stylish waterproof goretex boot options on the high street.

Hats and Gloves

A hat, gloves and scarf is not only an essential way of keeping the cold at bay, but is also a great way of accessorising an outfit.

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How do you keep your kids looking great this time of year?

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