Are carpets in the home back in fashion?

I am at an age where I still have vivid memories of some dubious carpet choices in the 1970’s and 80’s.

With bright and bold patterns, thick fluffy carpets that were a nightmare to keep clean and even carpets in the bathroom, they were enough to give us nightmares.

Now wood or wood effect flooring is found in many homes as it is easy to maintain and keep clean, especially with kids in the house, but carpet is making a comeback.

I have to admit that we have a mix in our house, with wood effect flooring and warming rugs downstairs and carpet covering the landing, stairs and bedroom.

We did have laminate in Eliza’s room, but hard flooring in an upstairs bedroom is a recipe for disaster, I have never know anything quite so noisy, with any knock or drop echoing around the house.

Carpet making techniques have improved thanks to the latest manufacturing technologies, with carpets being made softer and more durable than ever and, in even better news, people with allergies and asthma can have carpet as allergens become trapped in and around carpet fibre, particularly tightly woven carpets made from polyester and nylon.

Patterned Carpet

Creating a Danish Hygge feel in the house is still a popular trend, especially in the winter months and carpets definitely add to that cosy feel.

Whilst carpet in neutral tones is still a firm favourite, decorating your home in bold statement colours and eye-popping patterns is becoming fashionable again.

Staircase Carpet

Some carpets are even waterproof these days, so can be used in a bathroom or a kitchen allowing you to have the soft underfoot comfort of carpet in wet zones within the home, but make sure you look for ones with a lifeguard backing and not simply water resistant.

Do you prefer carpets or wooden flooring in your home?

4 thoughts on “Are carpets in the home back in fashion?”

  1. I prefer carpets in rooms that are supposed to be cosy like bedrooms and I’d prefer a living room that was carpeted, but I’ve inherited laminate. Not heard of waterproof carpets before.

  2. Hmm… I love wooden floors with big rugs for looks, though they tend to be a bit chillier and dustier. I don’t have any of those at the moment. We are carpeted upstairs (except bathroom), on stairs and in sitting room and laminate everywhere else and this seems to really work for us. I like that we are able to reassure people that they don’t need to take shoes off when they come in, taking the shoes off seems respectful of people’s lovely homes, but asking people to take their shoes off isn’t very welcoming.

  3. I have to confess that I do prefer carpet over the wooden floor and tiles, especially in the lounge and bedrooms. It adds warmth and cosy feeling. Although that being said, I’d love to get rid of the carpet in my hallway and replace with wooden flooring from a practical point of view.


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