Retractable roofs are an ideal way to improve your outdoor space in 2020

Spending time outside is not only important for us but also for our little ones. However, as the days get darker and colder, it’s easy to stay indoors next to the fireplace whilst you figure out who the most competitive person of your family is with a good ol’ game of Monopoly (which might have been banned from my house for a little while, I won’t go into details).

What if I told you that there is a way of enjoying the best of the outdoors while you are inside? Sounds good, right? The quick answer is: installing a retractable roof in your garden area.

If you are getting a bit lost here, let me give you the long(ish) answer. A retractable roof is an outdoor awning which can be easily installed in your garden to provide you shade during the summer months and, can also be complemented with other outdoor structures, to offer you all-year-round use of your outdoor space.

You heard me right, all-year-round use of your outdoor space. Sounds magical, doesn’t it?


These retractable roofs can be attached to your patio to extend your living area or can be installed as a standalone structure to “give your space that pretty garden magazine feel” as this article on Apartment Therapy describes. These structures are also known as modern pergolas and will significantly improve your outdoor space. Why not add it to your 2020 home upgrade list?

As this article on the BBC mentions, “pergolas are both practical and decorative, providing support for climbing plants, whilst giving the garden structure.” Traditional and modern pergolas add that special something to your outdoor area and it comes as no surprise that they were listed as a top landscape trend in 2019 by the National Association of Landscape Professionals.


The only downside of traditional pergolas is the fact that these don’t offer all-weather coverage. This is where their modern counterparts come into play. As Designer Shade Solutions mentions, modern pergolas allow you to sit in the shade or sun during warm months and in case it starts to rain, their retractable roof will immediately close, offering you a waterproof pergola roof.

What do you think of these modern pergolas?


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