Top 4 Cruise Ideas To Get You Inspired

No matter where you are from in the world, you have more than likely come across a cruise that has been appealing to you before. If you’re a fan of the vast oceans and blue green waters, the thought of exploring the world by sea is highly exciting.

With so many options and providers on the marketplace, however, choosing your top choice can be tricky. We hope to have narrowed things down for you in this article by listing some of the top four cruise ideas to get you inspired.

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Top Four Cruise Ideas To Get You Inspired

Cruise companies are raising the amount of ships they send out to meet the rising demand for customers. In Australia, this especially seems to be the case and it seems that several companies are offering cruises from popular ports such as Sydney and Brisbane heading to a host of stunning spots from New Zealand to Fiji.

Check out these four ideas so you can start planning your perfect cruise:

  • P&O Cruise

Cruising is becoming a much preferred point of travel. With flights being cramped and overcrowded, walking and cycling out of the option, and train travel being extremely long-winded, cruises are shouting out to customers. With tons of fun things to do on board such as cinema nights and clubs, there will never be a dull moment. P&O heads to places around the Pacific and offer a range of great deals.

  • Royal Caribbean

Next on the destination list are some great deals from the Royal Caribbean cruise line. With so much to do on this ship such as visiting the library, spotting dolphins, relaxing in the spa, playing in the pool and much more, you’ll discover the stresses of life melting away. With five Royal Caribbean cruises alighting from Australia, you can explore exotic islands across the South Pacific.


  • Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises comes out of a range of popular locations such as Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. It provides the heights of luxury in its ship so you can relax with drinks as the sun sets into the ocean or go for a sunny walk on the decks. With plenty of deals, it’s definitely worth searching the Princess Cruise line.

  • Carnival Cruises

Carnival Cruises is another popular line that delivers a range of delicious deals so explorers can make the most of their money. From on board competitions to cocktail making classes, this cruise line is a fantastic way to travel to the destinations you love.

Carnival Vista

So what are you waiting for? Book for that dream cruise getaway now!

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  1. Hi there,
    I’m from the UK but I’ve lived in the states for over 20 years. I’ve been on all these lines except P&O. You should do a detailed one on the weekend trips that P&O does from Hull to Rotterdam etc. My family swears by them! I typically fly through the UK (at least the last few years) but one of these days I am going to jam in the P&O weekender that the Brits love! Nikki


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