Hoping for whiter teeth? Check out these simple ways you can get a dazzling smile

Everyone wishes that their teeth were a little brighter…and a lot whiter! A happy, healthy-looking smile is a good indicator of your overall wellbeing and even a symbol of your happiness and success. So much so that teeth whitening Edinburgh‘s whitening treatments, have never been more popular at the dental clinic, and whitening strips, toothpaste and powders are all the rage online.

But, rather than spending a small fortune on your white smile, did you know that you can improve the colour of your teeth and get a brighter smile by making some simple changes, and by using some completely natural treatments? Read on to discover some simple ways you can achieve a dazzling smile.

Quit smoking

Smoking is hazardous to your health and to those around you. Even if the idea of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, bad breath and impotence isn’t enough to deter some smokers, the effect that smoking has on teeth, usually is. Teeth stained with tar and a large build-up of plaque harms your gums and overall oral health. It also makes your teeth look unsightly and dark yellow. You can quit smoking entirely or consider switching to a less harmful option like vaping – check out this website for more information on vaping – to help preserve your smile and reduce your yellow stains.

Brush your teeth!

It sounds like such simple advice, but that’s because it works! Having a good, thorough and regular brushing routine will help keep your mouth healthy and your smile white. Avoid brushing as soon as you’ve eaten as this could cause more damage to your teeth. Wait at least half an hour and try to brush up to 3 times a day for two minutes.

Switch to an electric toothbrush

Believe it or not, electric toothbrushes are proven to remove more plaque and stains than a manual brush. They also work hard and vibrate so they also remove more stains than a manual. They may appear expensive, but if they give you the results you want then it’s certainly worth the investment.

Eat more firm/crisp foods

Did you know that certain foods can actually work to help clean your teeth as you eat them? And therefore give you a much whiter smile? Foods like crunchy apples, carrot and celery sticks and even popcorn are all foods that help keep your mouth clean and also reduce bacteria levels.

Drink plenty of water

Water is a completely natural way to reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth and improve your oral health! Try drinking a glass of water after a meal to help reduce the possibility of tooth staining and remove any debris or lingering bacteria.

Avoid dark coloured foods

Raspberries, beetroot, tea, coffee, red wine and even foods that use a high amount of yellow and dark coloured spices should be avoided or only consumed occasionally if you want to keep your teeth white and your enamel stain free. If you enjoy a cup of morning coffee or fizzy drinks, then consider drinking them through a straw instead.

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