The Big Thing-to-do: How To Finally Get Organised

It’s not an understatement to say that we are constantly busy as a parent. But what happens when we are so busy that everything can fall apart at any given moment? We spend so long trying to keep everything together for the sake of the family that we can struggle under the weight of it. The key is obviously organisation, but actually implementing a proper approach to organisation is another thing entirely. What does it really take to get organised as a parent? Is it about a schedule or is it something beyond this?

Keeping Track Of Everything

Part of the reason we feel so stressed that we’re trying to occupy so much space in our heads with minuscule tasks that we don’t have room for anything else in our minds! When we are trying to get something together, as far as organisation is concerned, it’s far better to get into the habit of making notes. Whether you’re feeling stressed at the end of the night and you need to do a brain dump so you can get everything out on paper or you can start to brainstorm a better plan for you and your family, it’s all worthwhile. An app like on can get you started as far as brainstorming is concerned. You should never feel that you can’t be over prepared. And when there are so many different components of your life to keep track of, you can’t leave anything to chance! Keeping track of everything shouldn’t be about keeping it all in your brain because there are so many different things that you’ve got to focus on you’ve got to start working smarter.

Learning To Minimise Decision Fatigue

It’s something that’s been popularized by leaders. But it’s something that we can take inspiration from as well. There’s a great guide on to get you clued up in decision fatigue, but put simply, if we have too many little decisions to make it can amount to one massive stress. So we have got to start working with our schedules. In one respect, it could be about preparing food the night before or laying your clothes out. And it’s all the little things that you can do to minimise the stresses on your things-to-do list. Decision fatigue can be also about making sure that you learn the power to say “no.” You can feel that you’ve got to say “yes” to everything, especially when you’re being asked to help out at school or arrange playdates. This can add more to your already busy schedule. You’ve got to learn when you hitting your limits. And when decision fatigue kicks in you will regret not saying “no” at the time.

A schedule is one thing but it’s also about realising your own limits. You may very well have a bad memory or you struggle because the sheer volume of tasks can get on top of you. And when you start to find other ways to keep track of the things-to-do list but also minimise decision fatigue, this is when you can truly focus on being organised in a more holistic sense. A things-to-do list is great but it’s only the first step towards getting organised.

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