Project 365 2020 – COVID19 Lockdown – Week One

It has been a few years since I last took part in Project 365 but now it seems like a great way to restart and document what is going on around us.

Project 365 is a weekly diary featuring photo’s and how your week has gone; the good, the bad and the ugly.

It is actually the 12th week of the year, but I am starting now, on our first week of lockdown here in the UK.

Monday 16th March

News of the coronavirus outbreak started changing by the hour and we started following the news more closely, although if I am honest it was already starting to overwhelm us.

5pm was news time to see what measures Boris Johnson would be unveiling for the day and were still helpful that schools would not be closing anytime soon.

It is my husband’s last week at Homebase before starting his new job at Dorset Adventure Park and they were still hopeful that it would be business as usual and my work at pre-school was also business as usual.

Isaac’s Scouts meeting was cancelled, as were the kids after-school clubs but Eliza and Sebastian still had their swimming lessons as usual

Tuesday 17th March

The reality that we were heading towards a lockdown really started to hit home. Again work and swimming carried on as normal, but more and more people were choosing to self-isolate and stay at home rather than send the kids to school.

Sebby attended his friend’s birthday party at Ramp Rats, which could be the last one for a while.


Wednesday 18th March

It was today we found out that schools will close, except for looking after the children of keyworkers and vulnerable children. It was a real mix of emotions, with my main worry being my job – will we still be paid if we closed?

Abbey came round with Lilah, who is now 3 months old and a real chatterbox. It’s probably the last time we will physically see them for some time.


Thursday 19th March

The kids came home from school with learning packs for the next few weeks. No-one know how long the schools will be closed for, but at best it will be until after the Easter holidays in late April, but we have also heard rumours that it would more likely be 12 weeks, or maybe even September until they are back. I really feel sorry for those in Year 6 and taking GCSE and A-Levels as they won’t be taking the exams that they have worked so hard for, or get the treats that the end of school brings.

Kian is in self-isolation because he has symptoms, so won’t be back from university for at least another week.

Friday 20th March

The kids last day at school. We ran our Friday tuck shop and it was our busiest one yet. I really don’t think the kids understand the reality of what is going on, to them it’s an adventure and time off school.

Not only did school finish today, but so did swimming training and the reality that the gala’s the kids had been working so hard for had been cancelled, was upsetting.


My husband left his job at Homebase, only to receive an email at close of business that the company he was joining were retracting their job offer. He contacted Homebase, but he still hasn’t heard if they will let him retract his notice, so we are in limbo at the moment.

Boris Johnson announced that the government will be paying at least 80% of our wages, so at least we still have some money coming in and we have applied for a mortgage holiday.

Saturday 21st March

The supermarkets are crying out for temporary staff, so I applied for a job at Tesco and had an interview this morning and am happy to say that I have been taken on.

Still no news from Homebase and the kids are bored already, so we have devised a Pokemon Go walk locally which takes us in a circle and gives the boys the chance to access two poke-stops and two gyms and some much needed fresh air.


We have done the garden, with Eliza planting some seeds with Daddy in the hope that we can grow some of our own vegetables.

We have plans to empty the loft and catch up on some of the DIY jobs that have been niggling away for a while.

Sunday 22nd March

Mother’s Day!! We face-timed the older kids and the little ones made me some lovely key rings, flowers and cards.

Mother's Day

I even got breakfast in bed!

We had wanted to go for a walk at the beach, but it seems the world and its wife all had the same idea, so instead we headed onto the heath, which is just a short walk from the house, for some much needed fresh air.

Canford Heath

How have you found this week, are you self-isolating or trying to carry on as normally as possible?

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24 thoughts on “Project 365 2020 – COVID19 Lockdown – Week One”

  1. It’s going to be a tough few weeks and months ahead. That’s good news that you have at least got some work at Tesco, but I hope your husband’s work gets sorted soon. Your granddaughter is so cute! It must be hard not to be able to see her or the older kids. I hope Kian is feeling better soon.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. It’s good to see how others are coping. I found this week very difficult but I guess it will also be a matter of adjusting. Looking forward to normality returning… hopefully sooner rather than later xx

  3. I have been under the lockdown in Spain for 8 days now, and here you are not allowed to go out of the house. I used to take part in Project 356 as well, what a great idea to start it again!

  4. Welcome back!!
    I think you’re going to see a lot of similar photos from me. We’re not up to much at all.
    I felt so overwhelmed with all the news last Monday. It was just too much so I switched it all off and did nice things all day to take my mind of the situation.
    So much has changed in a week!
    Oh no! That is rubbish news about your husband and the jobs. My fella has been laid off but I was so pleased to hear the news about the wages being paid. Well done with your new job!
    Gorgeous photos! x

  5. Wow have you photoshopped people out of the skate park or was it just that empty? We’ve been in lockdown for a week already in France. Keep safe

  6. I’m trying to carry on as normal to a degree, but lockdown is pretty scary and I’m losing my mind just being at home x

  7. Its been a funny week in all, its good to do these diaries for your own sanity, but also to look back in years to come and think wow, what happened. I work in retail, its a hard place at the moment.

  8. This is such a good idea – I’ve also written a blog post about my first week ‘working from home’ although I haven’t decided on whether to actually post it yet or not, it has just really helped me to write it all down, especially during such uncertain times

  9. What a beautiful photo of Lillah and I’m glad you were able to spend time with her – it must be hard not to be able to see her at the moment. That’s great that you managed to get a job at Tesco and fingers crossed that things get sorted for your husband’s work too. Love the photo at Ramp Rats – we went there once for a friend’s birthday party and Sophie loved it. Your Mother’s Day flowers and cards are beautiful 🙂 #project366

  10. How awful that they retracted your husbands job offer, you must be going out of your mind with worry! Like there isn’t already enough to worry about at the moment. Stay safe and try to keep positive

  11. Reading your post brought back memories of our week which just passed and yes I felt exactly as you did, we had a last party, got our school packs, did some shopping in anticipation of the lockdown and the whole feeling is overwhelming! So glad you had a lovely Mother’s Day

  12. So sorry to hear about your husband’s job falling through. Hopefully by now he’s got some good news back from his old job.
    So sad everything having to be cancelled, especially on the sports side for the children. N’s in the same boat with big things coming up; he had county training for the first time, and has only had 1. They’re going to be so rusty by the time they can get back to it (damn us having a gravel drive. He’s got a rebounder but t’s not the same as having a wall or a court to hit on.

  13. It definitely felt the most challenging and varied week right? So much happened and so quickly. Congrats on the Tesco job.. bet it’s nice to help others. Hope your husband managed to sort his work situation too. Stay safe

  14. Such worrying times! Hope your husband heard back from Homebase. Glad that you got a job at Tesco. Do you play Wizards Unite with kids? It’s similar to Pokémon, as you collect ingredients and catch characters from Harry Potter? I suppose now it’s not the best times to do it, as you need to move around, but luckily we have an inn just opposite our house.
    Everything is so tricky, we need to re-invent our lives as they are.

  15. oh no what a mess about your husbands job, how cruel is that?
    We put names in as well but have not heard anything so I am taking it we have no luck but not to sad as I don’t need the risk.
    Nice presents.
    The baby will be much bigger time you see her next.

  16. Sorry to hear about your husbands job I hope he has had some positive news from Homebase? Good news on the Tesco job too.
    Apart from a trip to the supermarket and pharmacy we have been in the house and garden only now. Love the mothers day cards and flowers and breakfast in bed you can not argue with that!

  17. So sorry to hear about your husband’s job. I hope he has had some positive news soon. That is good news on the Tesco job. The mother’s day cards and flowers are lovely. I hope you had a good day xx

  18. I hope you are managing to keep in contact with family and all staying healthy and safe. It must be so tricky knowing your granddaughter is changing so quickly and being unable to see her in person #project366

  19. welcome back to project365/366 and so sorry to hear about your husbands job, any news back from Homebase yet? well done on getting work at Tescos at the moment, the supermarkets are crying out for staff


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