Dinosaur Figures from Schleich

The kids love of dinosaurs shows no sign of dipping anytime soon.

Sebastian dressed up as his favourite dinosaur for World Book Day, Eliza spent her book tokens on fossil books and we have been fossil hunting at both Kimmeridge Bay and taken an expert led fossil walk at Charmouth this year already, with plans to go again once lockdown has ceased.


When we were invited to review some Schleich Dinosaurs we jumped at the chance to add to our collection as these figures are great for encouraging the kids imaginations and role and creative play activities.


The Cryolophosaurus is also known as “Elvisaurus” because its bony crest looks similar to Elvis’ hairstyle.

Schleich Dinosaur

Unlike our older Schleich figures, the Cryolophosaurus has a movable jaw so you can see its dangerous teeth!


We looked up some fun facts about the Cryolophosaurus and found it was a carnivorous dinosaur that lived in the early Jurassic period was the largest theropod of its period. When it roamed the earth this part of the earth was not yet covered in ice. Instead it was covered with forests, though in the winter months temperatures dropped to under zero, which was extremely cold for dinosaurs.

Schleich Dinosaurs


The Baronyx has a long, narrow and flat head similar to that of a crocodile, making it an especially exciting prehistoric reptile and like the Cryolophosaurus it has a movable jaw so you see its razor like teeth.


This dinosaur is believed to have hunted primarily in the water, and could immerse its perfectly shaped snout into the water to catch fish. It also had unusually large and heavy hook-shaped thumb claws to grab prey.


Like all Schleich figures, the attention to detail on these figures is second-to-none and they will withstand anything that kids throw at them – literally.

Both figures have an RRP of £13.99 each and are available from www.schleich-s.com/en/GB/ and all good toy shops.

Disclaimer: We were sent the dinosaur figures to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own

14 thoughts on “Dinosaur Figures from Schleich”

  1. I really miss the dinosaur days. My son was obsessed from the age of 3 to about 8 and then he just abandoned them, I was heartbroken.

    My favourite thing to do on a Saturday after a week at work/school was to take him to our local toy shop to buy one from the pocket money range.

    He would have loved these, why can’t we turn the clock back hey?

    Claire x

  2. Fabulous ammonite in the photo! We found one on the beach in north Yorkshire when my kids were on a school trip. They would love the dinosaurs

  3. The detailing on these are so good, and I’m sure now the weather is a little nicer they’ll enjoy playing with them outside x

  4. These dinosaur figures are fantastic. The detailing and colouring make them look very realistic. Perfect for any dino fan. My son has some of the Schleich dinosaurs and loves them.

  5. These look awesome, my friends kids will love these. I had stuff from this brand when I was a kid, always had lots of fun with them

  6. These dinosaur figurines are so eye catching and you can see how detailed they have made them look. I love learning about dinosaurs, especially visiting the natural history museum- I will have to plan a trip there when lockdown is over.

  7. What great dinosaur figures! We are huge fans of Schleich figures as they are so sturdy and life like, the detail on them is amazing and really enhances play! We don’t have any dinosaurs yet so may have to add a few to our collection!


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