Beautiful lockdown projects

Weeks and weeks in lockdown can bring you down. But there are ways to spend your time that will result in lasting results. The key to making the most of the increased time we now spend indoors is to find good projects to keep us occupied. I’ve collected some beautiful lockdown projects that will make time fly by.


You know all those photos that are stored here and there that you’ve been meaning to put to use? This is the perfect time to get things done! Gather your devices and bring all your photos together. You now have the time and energy to organise your photos and clear out the clutter. Once you have everything in its rightful place, you can turn those photos into prints and photo books. Choose your own best photo book and put together your personal story. It could be about that time way back when you could still travel or just a recap of the past year in general – get creative! The result will bring joy for years and years to come.

Photo Scrapbook


It may seem a bit generalised, but a good DIY project can really keep you occupied. Think of what you’ve always wanted to try. Have a look around your home and find your inspiration. There are lots of great ideas out there for DIY decorations that you can make with the whole family. That way, everyone is involved and no one has to be bored. Build a table out of beer crates, a flower vase from a piece of tree branch, or try some challenging origami. There’s barely any limit to what you can do without having to leave the house.

Tools Home


Upcycling is basically turning ‘rubbish’ into useful items. This reduces waste and can be quite fun to do with the whole family. The Internet has a lot of creative ideas to offer. From turning parts of an old computer keyboard into a set of earrings to floating tea lights made from corks, nothing seems to be just rubbish any more. If you’re up for experimenting, there are DIYs that show you how to turn an old wine bottle into a drinking glass with just a few household items as well. These kinds of projects are great for passing the time and teaching children about waste.

Football Planter

Out with the old

Our society is all about “more”, but sometimes it’s just time to say “less”. Your wardrobe is on the verge of bursting? Look at each and every item and ask yourself when you last wore it and if you still like it. Donate your old thing to charity or sell them online. You’ll see that once the old things are gone, you’ll have so much more room for new things and will feel much better about your wardrobe. As an added bonus, you’re sure to find some pieces of clothing you have forgotten about. You can also organise a dress-up party with the whole family for fun.



Whether you have a garden, a balcony, or neither: A little bit or plant experimentation is always an option. Sure, this is a long-term project that doesn’t yield immediate results, but once the results are there, they are beautiful. You don’t even have to go out and buy seeds. Mother Nature has a lot in store for us. You can grow new plants from so many things. For example: Cut the tops off carrots and place them into water. After a few days, it will sprout new greens and grow roots and soon you can plant them indoors or outdoors. It won’t turn into a new carrot, mind you, but it’s a pretty little plant. Or you can grow new basil or mint plants from cuttings. Just place it into water and after a couple of weeks, it will have new roots and can be planted. It’s like magic and a wonderful lesson about the wonders of nature for children. You can grow lots of different plants such as ginger roots, potatoes, tomatoes, and so on from either their cuttings or the fruits and vegetables they produce.

Kitchen Garden


These 5 beautiful lockdown projects are only some examples of what you can do. What they all have in common is that they yield lasting results that you can enjoy even once the lockdown is over. Some even have an educational effect, which is an added bonus. Let’s make the most of the time we have and stay safe while doing so.

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