Isaac’s Lockdown Birthday

Isaac’s birthday was very different this year.

We normally stage a big party for him, but as he was turning 12 and now in secondary school, we had told him it would be a much smaller affair this year.

We still had plans to do Go Ape though, as he has finally reached the 140cm milestone which means he can do the adult course, which he has wanted to do for the last couple of years.

Sadly, it was not meant to be and we spent the day in lockdown instead, which he took his stride.

Birthday Cards

He got some brilliant lockdown themed cards, which we managed to find on Thortful – a website that does ruder and funnier cards than the usual! We are also part of a facebook group that makes cards for local children, so they don’t miss out and he got some lovely homemade ones too.

Isaac birthday cards

Sadly, his Dad had to work in the morning so he got half his presents in the morning and we saved some for when he got home in the afternoon. Nanny also appeared at the gate to wish him a Happy Birthday, so they had a chat across the garden.

Birthday present

He was over-the-moon to get the fitbit he wanted for his swimming training, plus lots of clothes and some money to spend when we finally get out of lockdown.

Isaac birthday cake

Isaac is a keen Pokemon Go player, so we chose a Pikachu cake and presented it to him during a family Zoom chat which was lovely as his siblings all sang happy birthday to him.


Making the day special was tricky, but I managed to get hold of a pinata and some silly string for them all to have fun with and he played games online with his friends too.

Silly String

He also enjoyed some time in the lazy spa.

Birthday hot tub

Happy 12th Birthday Isaac, I promise we will do Go Ape and Splashdown when the lockdown is lifted!!

14 thoughts on “Isaac’s Lockdown Birthday”

  1. Happy belated birthday to Isaac. I have had an isolation birthday this year as well, but it makes us special as we can have an extra celebration once lockdown is over. It looks like he still had lots of fun though

  2. Happy birthday Isaac. He sure looks like he has a great day. Nice he has siblings and you have a beautiful outdoor space. Silly string – wow blast from the past

  3. His birthday in isolation sounds like such a nice day and go ape is a great thing to look forward to. I’ve been meaning to go to go ape for years x

  4. Happy Birthday to the lovely Issac. to be honest it looks like he had a pretty good time, you made his birthday great especially with the pinata xx


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