Project 365 2020 Week 20 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 9

Sunday’s announcement from the Prime Minister was a bit of relief for me. Although effectively we are still in lockdown, being able to drive a few miles up the road to exercise is a relief as the kids were getting a little bored of our walks.

I found the announcement to be clear and concise, but the media immediately ripped it apart, which really wasn’t helpful at all. I admire the government, they are doing their best in a bad situation.

Sunday 10th May

We enjoyed a nice day at home, with none of us working today. We have downloaded the Disney+ app for lockdown and Eliza and Sebby are loving the Toy Story films and shorts at the moment.

Toy Story Crafting

All Isaac’s old toys have found their way out of the cupboard and they have been busy building their own Wild West town out of boxes.

Monday 11th May

My hours have changed this week at work as one of the team is off sick, so I have been working in the daytime, rather than the evening. I was at home to do the kids online lessons and Sebby was excited by his science experiment for the week.

Celery Science Experiment

Isaac started his meccano project, but it’s become clear that he is much happier building Lego as it is not quite as fiddly!


Tuesday 12th May

Boris’ announcement on Sunday stated we could drive a short distance to exercise, so after weeks of missing the sea, we headed to our local beach.


I should have taken a change of clothes as it was a breezy day and Eliza was straight in the water, jumping over the waves. She was soaked!


The walk along the beach did us all good and it was really quiet, giving the kids the opportunity for some much needed time apart, lost in their own thoughts.


The beaches of Bournemouth and Poole are normally cleaned everyday during tourist season, but they have been left to their natural state which means we got to find lots of beautiful shells as we walked. In the evening we held our first family quiz night over zoom, which was great fun, with each of us writing our own round.

Quiz Night

Oh, and Sebby lost his second tooth in as many weeks!!

Wednesday 13th May

Part of Sebby’s homework this week was to do some baking. The recipe required puff pastry and we were not able to find any ready-rolled in the shops, so we attempted to make our own.

Sebby Baking

It is safe to say that I am no pastry chef and it was a disaster, but Sebby had fun trying!

Making pastry

I spent the afternoon trying to chase a couple of missing items that I ordered weeks ago, without much success.

Thursday 14th May

After a facebook conversation with some of the other Mum’s from Sebby’s class and my frustration at not being able to complete his work, one of them came to my rescue with some ready-rolled pastry.

Baking with Sebby

He really enjoyed making the chocolate and banana parcels.

Chocolate and Banana parcels

Sadly, they were not quite such a hit when it came to eating them as none of the kids like them. Luckily Daddy does, so they have not gone to waste!

Canford Park Sang

Our afternoon walk was local again, and still no sign of any cygnets from our nesting swans.

Friday 15th May

The kids were really not feeling schoolwork today, so it felt like it took forever to get it done.


We enjoyed our Pokemon Go walk today as there was a new challenge for the boys to complete and this squirrel seemed to wonder what was going on!

I got the news that pre-school will be re-opening on 1st June, so back to work for me, although I don’t know what hours yet as we will have reduced numbers. Isaac, Eliza and Sebastian are not on the list of children to go back to school though, so not sure how we are going to juggle it just yet.

Saturday 16th May

Weekends definitely feel more chilled as we don’t have the battles to get school work done.


We are heading out to walk on the heath shortly and then it is off to Tesco for me tonight.

How has your week been?

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26 thoughts on “Project 365 2020 Week 20 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 9”

  1. I love seeing kids playing with Meccano or lego – great educational toys that don’t seem at all like learning and more like fun! More children should play with these sorts of toys 🙂

  2. It sounds like you guys have had a pretty good week and I think the chocolate and banana parcels look yummy!

    I think the speech was clear in what it was saying but I do feel that perhaps if the document had been ready at the same time of the speech it would have made it much clearer for everyone. Things like what work places could open etc as my husband had to wait until Monday evening so it was a pretty anxious wait for us all to find out!

    We too welcomed the news of being able to travel a bit further but unfortunately our closest beach is about an hour drive away so we aren’t sure if it would be too sensible to drive so far, we shall see.

    Hope you have a fab week, stay safe and take care x

  3. How lovely to get to the beach again. We’ve enjoyed the extra free time too. The pastry parcels look impressive, but I wouldn’t like them either because of the banana!
    I hope getting back to work with the pre-school children goes OK. It seems like there is a lot of uncertainty still.

  4. Oh dear, glad you managed to get some ready made pastry. Not sure if I’d be able to make it either. Bet the parcels were yummy!

  5. Oh lucky you have a beach nearby…ours is about an hour away so a bit too far….plus it gets very packed so probably not ideal to go there.

    The pastry parcels look good. Think I would like them.

  6. Sounds like a great week, I love the wild west town, very creative! It’s wonderful you can travel for exercise now, in Wales we are still in lockdown, I’m desperate to go somewhere different for our walks!

  7. Sounds like a lovely week and how lucky you are to have the beach nearby. I’m sure beach games and activities will make for wonderful homeschooling now that you can drive.

  8. Such gorgeous walks and to be honest, if the beach was closer we would have hopped straight in the car and gone too! It looked really quiet too on your side and glad you found some gorgeous shells, it’s great how nature is having it’s day right now!

    Awww no, after all his hard work and none of the children liked those banana and chocolate parcels! I would have eaten one, anything cake related that has carbs is going down a treat at the moment!

    The weather is set to be lovely this week, hope you get to enjoy more time on the beach! Sim x #Project366

  9. we have not been to the beach either since lockdown, it is the far side of the town and the river walk is nearer, though we only go if we need to shop, but our beach car parks have been shut.
    OOhhh brave woman to try puff pastry, I remember making it at school and boy is it tedious, and a very delicate process, I always buy it ready rolled as well.

  10. Juggling going back to work with childcare is going to be a nightmare for so many. Will they go into school as key worker children? Thankfully N isn’t in the year groups due back in.
    Nice to get to the beach. Not sure we’ll see a beach at all this year, we’ve usually been away twice by this point in the year, usually near the coast, so missing being able to get away on mini breaks.

  11. My week has been okay thanks, but we’re at a bit of a stand still with our renovation work as we’re struggling to get plaster to carry on which is a pain. But it’s been nice, I’m still working so I have some structure x

  12. Looks like you have been very busy for sure. Love that you have been out and about and been doing some home baking xx

  13. How lovely to be able to get to the beach and it looks like you had a lovely time there. I’m glad that we are able to drive somewhere for exercise too as it means I can visit Jessica’s forever bed again. Love the Wild West town made from cardboard boxes and glad you managed to get some ready-made pastry although it’s a shame the children weren’t so keen on the end result! #project366

  14. I love the Toy Story playset they made! My kids love the films and shorts (especially Partysaurus Rex!) but we don’t have many toys. We haven’t ventured any further afield as my hayfever has kicked off so we’re locked down again! #project366

  15. That’s lovely to be able to get to the beach and it looks like you had a lovely time there. Those Wild West town made from cardboard boxes is amazing. Love it. Looks like a good week x

  16. The media rarely helps any government or country. I love Toy Story and those toys. Science experiment sounds fun. Lovely beach. Quiz night sounds like fun and congrats Sebby! Did the tooth fairy come? The greenery looks lovely. I tried to make something out of ready-made pastry; turned out awful

  17. I must admit I do like the fact that the weekends are without the juggling act of school work. Those parcels sound really nice and well done on the puff pastry. Its not something I have ever attempted, I wouldn’t know where to start. The beach looks gorgeous

  18. I’m impressed that you were making your own puff pastry. I don’t think I made any in many years. It is lovely to be able to travel to the beach, alas, all the beaches are too far from us.
    I can’t say I agree on the government issue, but I will keep my views to myself. 🙂
    We were also baking last week as part of the home school tasks.

  19. I felt the same as you about the easing up of lockdown, i fully understood Boris’s message and hate how the media spread confusion and often fear. I’ve now been able to drive halfway up the Malvern Hills to go for a walk, rather than having to climb up from the bottom. The beach looks lovely, we’re quite some way away, I may explore the local river soon though. i’m not leaving the house on weekends though as not everyone is sensible about social distancing and the Hills are getting rather busy now. I’ve never been able to make pastry, ready roll is so much easier


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