SuperZings Series 5 have arrived!!!

There is one collectible out there that has really caught Sebby’s imagination and stayed with him – SuperZings!

If you have not heard of the SuperZings, they are every day items transformed into super heroes and super villains and the best bit is that they really are pocket-money toys, with blind bags starting from just 80p!

As they have become more popular, there are now bigger playsets in the range, so you can build your own SuperZing story around Kaboom City, some of which we reviewed back in December.

Super Zings Collectibles

Now season 5 has arrived, with a further 80 characters to collect and we were lucky enough to be sent some more SuperZings to add to our ever growing collection.


The new SuperZings characters are similar to the previous series, where each hero has a corresponding rival. The characters belong to a ‘team’ of goodies (Sky Runners, Air Wings or Flying Surfers) or baddies (Lightning Raiders, Black Comets or Rocket Gang), and each team has a Captain who is a rare, silver coloured character.

Super Zings

The Blind Bags contain one SuperZing character, or you can opt for the larger playsets which come with a toy and more characters, like Mission: Fire Strike. It comes with two exclusive SuperZings, hero Water Rescuer and villain Wildfyre which slot into the accompanying vehicles.

Super Zings Toys

The SuperZings Mission playsets have an RRP of £15 each.

Sebby Super Zing

On this series there are two gold characters, Rocketzing Alien Bandit who lead the groups, plus one super rare character Kid Fury – will you be lucky enough to find him?

Sebby Super Zings

The SuperZings are great for firing kids imaginations and Eliza and Sebby have built a whole town around them, where the characters battle the Toy Story characters, it is really fun to watch.

Super Zings Sebby

Have you heard of the SuperZings?

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  1. I hadn’t heard of SuperZings before. They look colorful and sturdy, and I believe my nephew would enjoy playing with them.


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