Project 365 2020 Week 25 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 14

It is been a strange week this week, with Eliza and Sebastian back to school full time.

They were booked in for just one day a week, but the school wanted more consistency, so it made sense to send them in all week. In fact, the school have been brilliant and most year groups will be back in school by next week, which is a relief to many parents.

Non-essential shops opened on Monday, but have to admit I have no intention or desire to go anywhere near them just yet as the queues have been worse than the supermarkets.

Here is our week:

Sunday 14th June

Sunday is always a work day for me, but we try and head out for a walk when I get home, this time choosing the beach so we could see the cruise ships which are moored in the bay.

Cruise Ship

Although nice and sunny, it was a breezy day so we walked along the seafront and up the pier.

Bournemouth Pier

We then tracked back through Bournemouth Gardens, where we spotted some ducklings on the Bourne with their Mum, before walking through town back to the car.


We moved our weekly quiz night to Sunday night due to work commitments and this weeks winner was my husband and Eliza, probably down to her impossibly hard questions on the Egyptians (we all scored 0).

Quiz Night

Monday 15th June

Back to school and its not a traditional by the front door picture, instead I have taken a picture of the 2 metre line markings where we queue at drop off and pick up time.

Back to school

Eliza was over-the-moon to find out her bubble had changed and is now with her friends. Isaac isn’t back yet, we have looked into it and he is not keen to go back as none of his friends are there and they are just completing the work they are assigned on google classrooms. We took advantage of not having the younger ones with us and took him out on a local bike ride.

Isaac Bike

Tuesday 16th June

My husband picked up some overtime today to help the shop prepare for stocktake and found some hairdressing clippers that had been reduced. He came home and announced I was cutting his hair #eek.


Thankfully it turned out OK and the boys let us loose on theirs too – leaving it long on top, but at least they are more comfortable now.


With lockdown and me working evenings, my husband and I haven’t spent much time together, so we left Kian in charge of the little ones once they were in bed and headed out to Poole Quay to watch the sunset, which was beautiful but surprisingly busy!!


Wednesday 17th June

Once Isaac had completed his schoolwork, we headed out for another bike ride, this time riding from home to Wimborne and then along the Castleman trail as far as Broadstone and back.

Hubby Bike

My husband wanted to continue to Upton Country Park, but I decided not to as I had to work in the evening. Even so, we managed 11 miles, which isn’t bad.


The shop has definitely felt quieter this week, possibly because more normal shops are open, so people are taking advantage of being able to explore elsewhere.

Thursday 18th June

A full day of work today, for both me and my husband, with him working early and me the late shift. He did wind me up in the evening with a photo and video of the kids enjoying Chilli Con Carne for dinner.

Chilli Con Carne

It was an interesting shift as I spent it manning the door, which I have not done for a while. One gentleman called me Hitler for asking him to follow the one-way system as apparently the rules did not apply to him.

Friday 19th June

I was just heading out to run some errands for Sebby’s birthday when I saw my neighbour coming home with her son. I asked if he was half day and she told me school closed half day on Friday’s for deep cleaning……….oops!!! Thankfully I picked them up in time and Kian was on hand for babysitting duties whilst I collected the bits I needed for Sebby. The wrapping had to wait until after he had gone to bed!

Ready for Sebby Birthday

Saturday 20th June

Happy 7th Birthday Sebby!!!!!

Birthday Boy

One very excited young man got us up at 7.15am and couldn’t not wait to open his presents, which were all Star Wars or Pokemon themed. My lovely friend Michelle from Sculpted Bakes made him a very unique birthday cake, as per his request – Jaffa Cake flavour with Pikachu dressed as Darth Vader battling Lucario dressed as a Jedi. They even set the base from Fortnite too.

Sebby Cake

The models are made from plasticine, so he can keep them and the cake tastes as good as it looks. Obviously, we are still social distancing, so we couldn’t throw Sebby a party, so we asked what he wanted to do, choosing Crabbing at Mudeford Quay.


We started slowly, with not much crab action, but once we caught our first one, they just kept coming. We even caught some shrimps too.

Crabbing at Mudeford

Sebby was very proud of his haul!

Sebby Crabs

Abbey, Paul and Lilah came to join us to give Sebby his present and Lilah proudly showed off her first tooth. I still haven’t had a cuddle with her, but it is slowly starting to feel like things are getting back to a new kind of normal.

Lilah First Tooth

We drove home via the beach so we could see the four Cruise Liners which are now moored in Bournemouth Bay – P&O Ventura, its sister ships Aurora and Arcadia and Cunard’s Queen Victoria.

Bournemouth Bay

Sebby’s final request was a Fortnite Llama pinata and a Domino’s pizza for dinner……..


….and his birthday cake of course!!


How has your week been?

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24 thoughts on “Project 365 2020 Week 25 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 14”

  1. That is great that your kids are back at school. It must be a relief for parents and a step towards getting back to normal life.
    It looks like you had a lovely walk out on Sunday. The ducklings are very cute.
    It looks like you and your hubby are experts with the hair clippers.
    Happy birthday to Sebby! His cake looks and sounds fab! It looks like he had a wonderful birthday x

  2. Happy belated Birthday Sebby. It looks like you all had a lovely day.

    I can’t believe someone called you Hitler!!! I wish you were at my local supermarket as they seem to have ditched social distancing, there is no one on the door and it was a scary free for all!

    I hope next week is a good one for you x

  3. Its so nice to read that you have really managed your time so well during the lock down with work, family, kids and partner. Its lovely to see that you are able to stay active and live in such a nice area close to the sea.

  4. What a busy week it seems like you had so much going on. Happy Birthday to Sebby! I can’t imagine what it is like for kids to be going back to school at the moment, it must be so confusing for them in some ways.

  5. I am surprised that all the year groups can go back to school soon. My 15 year old can go back next week, but the other two can’t until September. And it’s the youngest two that are driving me crazy

  6. Looks like you have been busy. Bournemouth Gardens looks brilliant, but it is at the opposite end of the country for us, so we will have to give that one a miss x

  7. My grandson will start virtual classroom learning in late July. I know it confuses him why he will not “be” in school and yet “study his lessons with classmates online. Anyway, I am glad that you had some great outdoors time with your family. Sebby sure looks happy to be able to celebrate a birthday despite the lockdown.

  8. Happy birthday to Sebby! It looks like he had a lovely day. How nice to see Lila again too. Well done on the haircuts! We’ve had haircuts round here too, although I’m not happy that my daughter has had so much taken off. I had to laugh at you being the supermarket ‘Hitler’. Why do people have to be so rude?!

  9. It sounds like you made some good memories and saw some lovely sights while out. And happy belated birthday! Some things here are slowly opening following lockdown here but I’m not rushing out.

  10. Great post and beautiful photos! All people life changed because of lockdown. We had to adjust to a new reality and face this difficult situation. However, I hope everything will be better in the future. I want so much to ride my bike and go down to the sea for swimming.

  11. What a lovely post and beautiful photos. That is great that your kids are back at school. I hope the enjoyed it. It looks like you had a lovely walk on Sunday. Way to go on the haircuts. I love Sebby’s cake. Happy birthday to Sebby x

  12. My youngest is desperate to go back to school but there is no chance of that happening now until September

    Happy birthday to Sebby! And Lilah is so cute!

    You were brave with the hair cutting! I doubt my husband would let me near his hair!

  13. I hope their school is going well and taking the necessary precautions.
    Lovely pictures. The beach and seafront are beautiful and the duck family is adorable. Congrats to your husband and Eliza for winning. Great job on the haircut. Bike ride sounds fun and the trail looks beautiful. Strange for the man to use the name Hitler so casually.
    Happy birthday, Sebbie!! Oh my God, the cake looks amazing! Congrats on the haul. Lilah is so adorable I want to cuddle her. Sebby had a great week.

  14. I’m glad that Eliza and Sebby have been able to go back for full weeks. Sophie’s school is very small so they are very limited with space which means they are only going back for a day or two each week with only 5-6 children in each bubble. Home schooling has worked well for us so we decided it wasn’t worth going back for. What a gorgeous photo looking across the bay and that sunset is stunning. How lovely to have that one-to-one time with Isaac and go for a bike ride. Glad that the haircuts turned out ok – I’ve had to do my husband’s and Thomas’s, but Sophie has had to grow her fringe out as I’m not brave enough to try cutting hers. Sounds like Sebby had a lovely birthday and going crabbing looked like it was a lot of fun. #project366

  15. Happy belated birthday to Sebby! That cake looks smashing! Glad to hear that your kids are back at school. The walk on Sunday sounds lovely. You did a great job with the hair cuts.
    The sea and the boats at sunset look like a painting.

  16. The beach pictures are amazing, but it must be so weird seeing so many cruise ships moored there. So many amazing memories of my time on the Aurora… never fail to raise a grin! 🙂
    I feel for you and the crazy crowds that you had last weekend!

    That looks like an awesome cake and jaffa cake flavoured sounds delicious, glad Sebby enjoyed his birthday!

    Good news about your school being back in pretty much full time, we only have 2 days a week… so only another 6 days and my daughter will have officially finished primary school, utterly mental! Hope you have had a fab week! Sim x

  17. Happy Birthday to Sebby, love the cake, pinata and gifts, Hope back to school is going well and it must be nice to have a bit of extra time to yourself. So sorry that man was so horrible to you


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