Outdoor Fun with Wicked Vision Toys

Keeping the kids active can be a real challenge at any time, but has been especially difficult during the lockdown period, with access to outdoor spaces and parks restricted.

Once homeschooling is over, my kids are normally keen to get on their games consoles and play with their friends and would stay there for the majority of the day given half a chance.

One thing that gets them moving for a walk is the promise of taking a ball or a frisbee, so when we were invited to review some toys from the young and vibrant toy company Wicked Vision, we jumped at the chance.

They sent us a selection of fabulous toys to test and the kids could not wait to try them.

Wicked Mega Bounce XL

The Wicked Mega Bounce XL is a super-sized sensation as it has a whopping 2.51 METRE circumference!!!

It come with a foot pump and a measuring tape so you can inflate it to its optimum size, but don’t make our mistake – make sure you inflate it outside as it won’t fit through internal doors!!

Mega Bounce Ball

The Mega Bounce is easy to inflate and deflate, so is easily transportable on days out. It boasts Wicked bouncability on almost any terrain – even grass and sand!

Mega Bounce XL

The ball is extremely durable and despite its size, it is still incredibly easy to throw and catch thanks to its super grip graphics, even for Sebby.

Eliza Mega Bounce

The Wicked Mega Bounce XL come in two colours; red or blue and has an RRP of £20.


Indoor Booma Boomerang

I am going to be completely honest and tell you that the thought of an indoor boomerang initially filled me with fear.

Made from special Memorang foam, the indoor boomerang is so lightweight and soft it won’t damage any expensive equipment in, or outside the house.

Indoor Boomerang

It has a flight range of 4-6 metres and really does loop back round to you. With a bit of practice, Sebby was soon flinging it around the garden and catching it again.


The Wicked Indoor Boomerang is available in three colours; red, yellow and blue and has an RRP of £5.99

Mega Jump Rope

I used to love skipping, but the kids always seem to find the ropes either too long or too short. With the Mega Jump Rope you can adjust the length of the rope using the rope release mechanism according to your height by taking the cap of the handle, remove the clip and cut/adjust the rope to size.

Skipping rope

The rope extends to 4.3M rope for double Dutch play and has a ball bearing axle which provides super smooth rope rotation.

The Mega Jump rope has an RRP of £9.99

Wicked UKick

The UKick is a strange looking toy, sort of a mixture of a badminton shuttlecock and a traditional “keepy-uppy” which really helps to improve your hand/eye coordination.


The aim of the game is to keep UKick off the ground for as long as you can by using your hands or feet. It comes with 5 weights which you can add to the base to increase/decrease the skill level. The more weights you add, the higher it will bounce, but I wouldn’t play it when it is windy as it does get taken by a gust of wind.


The Wicked UKick has an RRP of £7.99

How are you keeping the kids active at the moment?

Disclaimer: We were sent the Wicked Vision toys to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own

17 thoughts on “Outdoor Fun with Wicked Vision Toys”

  1. That mega bounce ball looks AWESOME!!!! I want one now!
    Getting outside for play time or walks has been a great break away from work, shame the sun has disappeared at the moment, but hope it will return in force soon! Sim x

  2. I’ve seen someone playing with the wicked up kick and had no idea what it was! All makes sense now!

    The ball is so cool, thanks for the outside tip, that is the exact sort of thing I would do!

    Looks like you’ll all have lots of fun.

  3. Such a fabulous selection of toys to keep kids busy whilst they are playing outdoors in the garden. The Mega Bounce looks absolutely fun! Glad that it inflates and deflates easily too.

  4. Oh my goodness that mega bounce ball looks amazing! We would have so much fun with that – I will have to get one – it would be perfect for the summer.

  5. These look a like really fun toys. Mine would probably love the ball most. It would be a good way to keep them active whilst having fun.

  6. The kids look like they’re having a lot of fun with these, it’s good that the weather has been so nice lately to allow for this x

  7. Oh no I absolutely would not allow boomerang in the house! LOL I loved skipping ropes as a child, I actually raised money for the British Heart Foundation in primary school by skipping for hours. My son would absolutely love that giant ball, I can vision him and his best friend bouncing it off each others heads

  8. I can’t relate to the skipping rope overmuch but the younger me was always fascinated by things that bounced hugely or flew at speed/distance.


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