All Snug, No Rug

Giving your Home the Comfort without the Drama

What are the main problems with carpet within your house? There are many ranging from stains to tears to maintaining that fresh feel.

There are however alternatives to give your home the same levels of comfort and warmth without the threat of damage or constant care. That option is within Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank flooring.

Easy to clean

Lets face it, carpets are susceptible to a myriad of hazardous instances ranging from food stains, spilled drinks and stomping mud through the house after a rainy day. Be it kids or pets, that carpet is going to require a lot of instances where you are going to be on your hands and knees scrubbing away at sections of the floor trying not to leave an imprint of discoloration.

With vinyl flooring you get a safety net in anti stain technologies that requires simple cleaning methods such as warm soapy water and a regular household sponge/mop across the area and leaving no discoloration. Think how much you are saving your knees with that much effort being spared.

Contain Warmth

One of the benefits of having a nice plush carpet in your home is the retention of warmth in the winter months and the soft comfortable feel underfoot.

If this is among the prime reasons people opt for carpet, then being made aware that vinyl offers the same qualities could come as a surprise. Vinyl has a cushioned feel which not only is plush to step on but also protects against any breakable material that may drop to the floor.

Vinyl is also a perfect companion to underfloor heating so your room can retain warmth without leaving the room feeling stuffy.

Totally Reduce on Materials

Having a carpet laid throughout a room can leave sections in need of being cut and disposed of.

It is within this area that vinyl presents an opportunity to have the requirements cut to specific measurements to ensure no waste and no effort in cutting around to make it fit. Disposing of any unwanted or damaged area is an easy and economic exercise where the individual offending part can be put into pieces easily.

Everlasting Quality

Maintaining the quality of vinyl flooring is very easy compared to a carpet. Where a carpet can fade and present two tones from sunlight or a rug over the floor.

Vinyl retaining its showroom style quality can be achieved by a simple hoovering and an occasional mop. Animal hair will not occupy a vinyl floor like it does a carpet, and you can be sure that a cat will not be clawing up your floor as a scratching post.

In fact, vinyl flooring does not require as much attention as other flooring options giving more time to relax and enjoy the benefit of your choice.

Expert Advice

Thankfully the choice of vinyl flooring comes with a selection of expert suppliers and brands bringing multiple patterns, palettes and designs to make your home the ultimate in comfort and style.

Amtico is the number one brand for people who love their home and want to give it the very best. Featuring such outstanding quality in ranges such as Artisan Embossed Woods and Contemporary Ceramics, Amtico brings distinctive flooring solutions for the people of today to enjoy tomorrow onwards. Luvanto is an industry favourite that brings you Luvanto Click, which is perfect flooring for those with children running through the house to enjoy silence as well as more creative avenues with Luvanto design to really bring out a unique style to your home. Invictus is more recent to the market but inhibits classic wood texture designs throughout their collections such as Optimus, Maximus and the simply fitted Maximus Click.

Carpets are a totally cared for area to layer through your home, whereas vinyl offers an almost care free environment that pays back in security and quality.

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