Get Out of a Fashion Rut and Refresh Your Wardrobe

As a mum, so much of my attention goes to getting my kids ready which of course I love. But I am at the point where I am getting bored with my own clothes and outfits, and it’s time to refresh things a bit! While I have had my eye on some accessories, I don’t tend to go on large shopping sprees so it’s time to get a little creative for getting out of this fashion rut I’m in!

I thought I’d share with you all ways you can refresh your wardrobe and get out of a fashion rut without spending much or at all:

Shop your closet

Do you open up your closet and feel underwhelmed by what you see or overwhelmed by the mess? Take this as an opportunity to really organise your closet so that you are excited to open it every day. When it’s set up in a beautiful way, you feel more like you are shopping your closet and get excited about pieces that may have been shoved at the back of your closet for a while now. This makes the most of what you already have but can offer a whole new perspective on your wardrobe!

Treat yourself to a few new items

A few new items can really elevate your looks and lend to a different style. A few accessories such as sunglasses or a new handbag can go a long way. Bags in particular can really make an outfit and, if you choose good-quality items, they will stand the test of time and be very well worth the investment. A great place to look for pieces like this is Mirta, a website that sells online a vast array of artisanal handbags Made in Italy and crafted to order based on demand.


Host a clothing swap

Chances are, you probably have some friends, community or family members who would also be interested in swapping out a few items in their wardrobe. Host a clothing swap so you can all get together, bring some items that are in good condition but that you just don’t find yourself reaching for, and swap!

Sell what you no longer wear and buy new clothes with the proceeds

Buying new clothes can get expensive, but if you sift through your wardrobe and choose some pieces that you no longer wear but are in good condition, you can sell those pieces. Then with the proceeds you earn from the sales, you can invest in some new pieces!

Folding clothes

Change your makeup (but not your outfits)

If you are bored with your look, an easier way (not to mention less expensive) way you can switch things up is by changing your makeup. A new lip color, filling in your brows just a little bit, changing your shade of blush, or switching up how much mascara you wear can really make a difference. This can also be a fun way to practice some new techniques and choose a different feature to highlight!

Try your favorite outfits on again with your new makeup look and a different hairstyle than you usually wear and you’ll feel a change!

Most of the work to getting out of a fashion rut is getting in the right mindset and not approaching this with frustration but rather as a fun new challenge.

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