Project 365 2020 Week 33 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 22

It is now compulsory to wear face masks in enclosed public spaces such as museums and cinema’s in Britain.

It has been reported that cases of Coronavirus in Dorset have risen in the last week and a couple of local restaurants have had to shut because of a reported case.

We have been stupidly busy here in Dorset because of the glorious weather, with overcrowding on the beaches and gridlock on the roads as people flock to the beach. I love living where we do, but there are times it gets frustrating as a five-minute journey turns into half an hour!

Here is our week:

Sunday 9th August

OMG, it’s so hot. I tend to avoid summer holidays in the sun as don’t deal with heat well but it’s reached the dizzying heights of 34°C. Probably didn’t help that I managed to book a shift on trolley’s, which involved working in the sunshine…….let’s just say I spent a fair amount of time coming inside to cool off by the freezers!!

Trevor the Toad

Even our resident toad, Trevor, took himself out from behind the rose bush to cool off in his little pool in the garden.

Monday 10th August

After driving to Littlehampton in a car with no air-con last week, my husband took pity on me and let me take his car down to see my Dad in Devon.


Eliza loved looking after my nephew Lenny, 2, who insisted on doing laps of the garden on his balance bike, before enjoying a walk, via the local play park, getting caught out by a heavy rain shower on the way back. It was quite cooling if I am honest.

Isaac Park

I drove the Jurassic coast road on the way home and stopped off at our favourite beach, Burton Bradstock, which is the eastern side of the beautiful Sandstone Cliffs of West Bay.

Eliza Burton Bradstock

We also stopped at Weymouth to get a photo of the cruise ships in Weymouth Bay, with the kids very excited to spot a Carnival boat, as we holidayed on one back in 2016.

Cruise Ships

Tuesday 11th August

A work day for me in the morning and re-training on a new department. I am still classed as a COVID temp and today I got my 4 weeks notice, along with the other temps, which is a bit disappointing. I have been advised to apply for any vacancies if they come up but there isn’t any at the moment.

We are back to being worried about money coming in, as I still haven’t had any confirmation of hours from my pre-school job either. I did get my air con topped up too – no way I can do without it at the moment.

We also discovered that Trevor has a friend and discovered Tina in the garden as we were watering the plants. She has such a beautiful colouring!

Tina Toad

Wednesday 12th August

It’s still too hot and today we were invited to Zippo’s circus to review their new Rebound Tour. Thankfully, the addition of huge fans really helped keep us all cool and it was a fabulous show to watch.

Zippo's Circus

I was surprised that the wearing of masks wasn’t compulsory, but they have the audience all facing the same way, extra cleaning and ventilation to help keep you safe.

Thursday 13th August

I normally work evenings, but today I worked 7-4 which was quite a shock to the system having to get up that early. It was lovely to finish early and we toasted National Prosecco Day with a cheeky glass with our dinner.


Friday 14th August

Last year we reviewed Go Ape in Southampton with the kids. Sadly Isaac was just too small to try out their Treetop Challenge Course and we promised him we would take him back to do it…….today was the day.

Go Ape

It was also Sebby’s belated birthday treat as he loves launching himself through the trees. Kian took charge of Isaac and my husband looked after Eliza and Sebastian whilst I worked.

Go Ape

I have not had a chance to look through the images yet, but when I text Isaac to see how he got on, one word came back……EPIC!!!

Eliza Go Ape

I am proud to report that after a few initial nerves, Eliza braved the zip lines too!

Saturday 15th August

After a week promising thunderstorms and rain, the rain has arrived……sadly not with the thunder.

We did have a casualty of the hot weather, the remaining fish in our fish tank sadly died, so I spent this morning scrubbing the tank and gravel before heading out to buy some new fish.


We now have a Crown Head Betta called Billywig and 6 neons called Lucario, Articuno, Jesse, James, Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, – definitely a Harry Potter / Pokemon theme going on.

Our experience of Pets at Home wasn’t the best, as two customers came in with large dogs who took an instant dislike to each other. My kids aren’t keen on dogs at the best of time, but were scared stiff by the barking. Thankfully the staff were fab and the dogs were ushered to different areas of the shop, with their owners.

How has your week been?

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14 thoughts on “Project 365 2020 Week 33 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 22”

  1. It must be frustrating when you live in an area that people keep visiting. I am quite glad people don’t want to visit where I live. lol
    Eek! It was a scorcher of a week. I bet you were glad to be able to cool down by the freezers.
    It’s lovely you were able to visit your dad.
    That is rubbish about you being given your notice at work. I hope something turns up and it works out OK for you and your family.
    It sounds like a fun trip to the circus. I would have thought everyone would have had to wear masks too.
    There is a Go Ape not to far from up and I was thinking about taking my two. It looks like the kds were very happy to be there.
    We have rain here too!! Hooray! No thunder but I am glad about that too. So sorry about your fish. x

  2. I love the idea of living near the coast, but the traffic and crowds would frustrate me too. How disappointing about the job! I hope something else comes up before you leave. Go Ape looks a lot of fun.

  3. It’s nice to see that you are all getting out and about. It almost looks like normal life! It must be a worry about your job at the supermarket. I hope something comes up for you.
    The boats at Weymouth are a stunning sight, aren’t they? I love the cliffs at West Bay, because they were in Broadchurch!

  4. Fingers crossed something comes up on the job front and your hours are confirmed. It has been too hot for me too – we only had one thunderstorm and it was pretty brief. N’s never done Go Ape but he’d really enjoy it. He like high rope courses that he has done but they’ve been quite short.

  5. oh dear with the job, hope something else comes up for you.
    Often fancied taking the older kids to go ape but never get round to it. Glad they enjoyed it.
    We saw the circus last year and it was very entertaining.

  6. Sorry to hear about your temp job, it’s really hard to plan anything isn’t it when money is so tight. I’ve gone with the f*** it approach next week and booked a few days away in your next of the woods, I don’t really want to do beaches if it’s busy but would be interesting to see the cruise ships I think. Such a weird year Kara #366

  7. I can imagine it must get very frustrating at times in the summer when it gets busy and there’s a lot more traffic on the roads. Glad you got to see your dad. Lovely photo of Eliza at Burton Bradstock. I love the photo of Tina too – she does have beautiful colouring. Glad Isaac enjoyed the Treetop Challenge course. Sorry about your fish. That experience in Pets at Home would have freaked me out too. #project366

  8. Sorry to hear you have been given notice about your job.

    Can imagine how annoying it must be with all the traffic.

    Have been thinking to take the girls to go ape…not sure Bee would be brave enough though.

  9. Trevor and Tina look like welcome visitors to your garden. Sorry to hear about the job situation, I hope something comes up for you soon. Lovely photo of the kids and their grandparents, so worth the journey, but glad you have your air con sorted now. Shame about the pet store visit, I don’t take Bob in he’d throw a fit with any animals and all the smells of food

  10. I hope you’re enjoying your time in Dorset apart from the frustration. Hi, resident Trevor! Those cliffs look amazing! Tina looks gorgeous. It’s good that the circus had good ventilation if not masks. It looks like the kids had a lot of fun at the treetop challenge. Aww poor fish. It’s been raining a lot here.

  11. Sorry to hear about yout job I hope you manage to get another contract within the next few weeks. We tried a tree top adventure for the first time last week and my eldest loved it. Glad you had a good trip down to see your dad.


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