Review: New PLAYMOBIL Dinos Sets

Playmobil has had a bit of a resurgence in our house and add it to the theme of dinosaurs and you have an instant winner with both Eliza and Sebastian.

We were sent some of the PLAYMOBIL Dinos sets to review and the kids could not wait to put them together and play with them.

Isaac Playmobil

Playmobil Dinos Hidden Temple

The Playmobil Dinos Hidden Temple comes with a T-Rex with movable arms and head, which can be defeated with lasers by the Explorers team.

Playmobil Hidden Temple (1)

The team have lots of accessories to help them on their journey such as a goods lift, a functioning torch, a ladder to reach the lookout tower and a winch.

Playmobil Dinos

Make sure to keep a close eye out as there are lots of things hidden in the ruins!

The set includes a functioning UV torch, a rotating laser gun with LED light and a plant with closed leaves which opens to reveal a hidden mushroom and in a cool twist, the crystals, jungle plant and test tube are made UV-active plastic which can be lit up in the dark with the torch.


The set also includes a functioning falling grille which can be closed by pressing the trigger, or manually pushed up.

T Rex

Dinos Enemy Quad

Playmobil Dinos

Playmobil Quad with Triceratops set is fully equipped with a functioning net gun, and a cage with a trap door to capture enemies.

Eliza Playmobil

The quad includes sprung off-road wheels which adapt to any surface and includes a functioning and rotatable net gun, which the kids love to shoot.

Sebby Playmobil

The Playmobil Dinos sets are perfect for any dinosaur loving small people as they encourage small world play, imagination and fine motor skills.

Playmobil Dinos are available from Argos.

17 thoughts on “Review: New PLAYMOBIL Dinos Sets”

  1. I loved Playmobil so much growing up! We had all the hospital sets (not sure why these sets specifically…I think the pickings were slimmer in the 1980s, plus my mum is a nurse!) but I’m sure if dinosaurs were available my brother would’ve been all over it!

  2. That is a lovely dinosaur play set! It looks so well made it will surely last for a long time. My grandson is starting to show interest in dinosaurs so pretty soon I will be getting him this Playmobil Dino set.


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