Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist

Preparing for a wedding can be a stressful time for the couple. The many details involved to make the day as perfect as possible can overwhelm anyone – which is why it’s possible to forget a few things, especially on the day itself. One specific example is making sure that you have a wedding day emergency kit. Expert wedding planners recommend making sure that you have it stocked with all the essentials for any mishap. Of course, what you need to prepare depends on specific needs and whether you’re prone to certain mishaps.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of all the things you need to have on the kit to ensure a smooth and hassle-free wedding.

Essentials for medical emergencies

One of the things you want to avoid on your big day is getting sick, or having someone in your entourage get sick. Unfortunately, a lot of things could go wrong, especially if it’s a destination wedding. Ordering a travel pack containing prescription and OTC medication from trusted sites like will ensure that you have a complete medical first-aid kit for your big day. Some of the things that should be included are:

Pain relievers like Advil

Non-drowse allergy medication

Female hygiene products


Would cream, Band-Aids, and gauze bandage

Eye drops

Anti-diarrhoea medication

Anti-blister balm

It’s also critical that you know if any of your family and entourage has specific medical conditions that need special attention. Before the big day, check up on them to ensure they’re feeling well and remember to bring their prescription meds.

Preventing wardrobe malfunctions

Apart from medical emergencies, wardrobe malfunctions on your wedding day can be quite a nuisance and embarrassing too! There are plenty of things you need to ensure you have in your emergency kit. Here’s a basic list.

Fashion tape. Every stylist has this tape ready for last-minute wardrobe problems. It’s a reliable item to have when you need to secure a bra strap or the neckline of your sweetheart wedding dress.

Small sewing kit. A mini sewing kit should have needles, thread, a small pair of scissors, and a few buttons just in case. This kit will come in handy if there are loose threads, buttons, or beads that need repair.

A pack of safety pins. Another must-have to avoid a wardrobe emergency is a pack of safety pins. It would be best if you made sure there are different sizes to reattach anything from a dress strap to a boutonniere.

Stain remover. Food and drinks can spill on the dress during the party. If you don’t want to worry about unsightly stains showing up in wedding photos, you’ll need a stain remover pen.

In addition to the items mentioned, it also helps if you have a small lint roller and portable clothes steamer for last-minute prep. You may also want to pack a kit for each member in your entourage containing some of these essentials.

Lastly, have a few items ready for beauty emergencies as well. Small bottles of perfume, lip gloss, small combs, blotting paper, and hairspray are some of the things you can add to the emergency kit.

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