Review: Little Tikes Tobi Robot Smartwatch

Both Isaac and Eliza have smartwatches which track their steps and swimming targets and Sebby was keen to join them.

We were invited to review the Little Tikes Tobi Smartwatch, an interactive smart watch with a whole host of fun features.

The Tobi Smartwatch is available in blue and pink with an RRP of £49.99 and helps kids learn to tell the time, with over 50 different screens which you can choose to show either analogue or digital times. It also includes a stopwatch, timer, an alarm clock, reminders and a calendar.

Analogue Watch

On the fitness side, there is a built-in pedometer, fun games to get kids moving and two cameras to take photos and film videos.

In the box

  • Watch Stand
  • Wrist Strap
  • Clothing Clip
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Instruction Booklet

In the box_ Tobi

The watch comes with some charge straight from the box and takes a few minutes to set up, adjusting the date, time etc. It is recommended that you update the software before you start, which you do by visiting and connecting your smartwatch to your PC. Then its time to play!


Tobi responds with sounds, giggles and funny faces when you talk to him or touch the screen and the arms and legs, which pop out from the sides of the watch, are a great additional feature, especially for younger children. By playing the learning games you can unlock food to ‘feed’ Tobi, customise his room and access stickers to add to your photos.

Smartwatch TOBI

Sebby really put the watch through its paces on a visit to Go Ape in Southampton. Not only did the watch keep him amused in the car, as he played some of the games, but he got to take photo’s and video’s of himself around the Go Ape course – including one of him racing down the zipline, which he loves to watch back.

Go Ape

The silicone watch strap keeps the watch safe from bumps and scratches and is easy to secure around his wrist. The watch does feel quite big, but its large face makes it easy for little hands to navigate.

Sebby Tobi Watch

The watch is very responsive when you tap to activate an app and play the games. To go back to the main menu, you simply press the home button at the bottom of the screen.

TOBI Smartwatch Sebby

The watch has two camera’s, one for selfies and one on the end to take pictures of your view. The smartwatch has room for 3,000 photos (or 30 minutes of video) which kids can customise with silly stickers.

TOBI Games

The smartwatch comes with a variety of apps, from fitness and time management features to augmented reality and learning games. Kids are encouraged to get moving while they play with the dance activity game and built-in pedometer.

TOBI Stand

The silicone clip also converts to a display stand when using as an alarm clock or recharging. The booklet states that the charge lasts up to 5 days, however, with medium usage I would say that it needs charging after 2 – 3 days.

Go Ape Southampton

All-in-all Sebby loves playing with the smartwatch, although at 7, he is at the top of the recommended age range of 4-6 for it as he finds some of the games too easy.

The Little Tikes Tobi Smartwatch is available from all good toy shops and directly from

Disclaimer: We were sent the Little Tikes Tobi Smartwatch to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own



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  1. This looks brilliant! You’re right it’s a bit large on the wrist really but it does so much that the bigger the better for little fingers.

    It’s a lovely idea for children, especially as most adults have one now too x

  2. This is a good way not only to help teach the kids to tell the time but get them interested in their daily activity etc x

  3. These look great, i think smart watches can be useful and as kid would want to wear watches anyway they can be much better than just a standard watch, helps the kids get invovled in activites etc if they can see the progress.

  4. omg how do I shut this thing up! The volume is already on the lowest setting and its driving me bonkers still! Seemed like a great idea if only it was quieter… Gonna try to block the speaker with something I guess cause otherwise I’m gonna go run it over!

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  6. I’m sure as a parent you’ve been pestered for an iPad at some point but the best smartwatch for kids is a great stop-gap that will keep them entertained until they’re a bit older.


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