How to make your kids the perfect playroom

We’ve talked before about how bored kids can be a serious risk to your sanity, but how can you really tackle the issue before it takes hold? By creating an idyllic play space that will not only keep the family entertained when it’s finished, but also you while you put it together.

Take a look at these tips for designing the perfect playroom and let your imagination run a little wild.

Include Storage

Kids are messy – there’s no getting away from that fact – but online retailers such as are on hand to help you with options that won’t take up your whole budget. Including a variety of solutions, from bookshelves to woven baskets and
everything in between, will help make tidy-up time more interactive and fun for the kids, while also letting you create the exact look that you’re after.


Try zoning

Creating zoned playroom areas, according to different activities, will not only look good but also increase focus. Quiet reading nooks are a great idea, as are messy play areas, as both can be totally tailored to the tasks at hand, with beanbags and coveralls in place, respectively. This can also help you with clean-up at the end of the day, as arty spaces can be created on wipe-clean flooring instead of carpet.

Relax the theme

It’s completely understandable to want to make a themed area, but remember that this is a recreational room, not a nursery. It’s more important to have enough storage and space for imaginative play than it is to match the rest of your home perfectly. Obviously, you can include some elements that nod to a wider theme, but don’t go too hard or your kids might miss out on toys that could be beneficial, just because they don’t ‘go’ aesthetically. Also, it’s worth remembering that what your kids like now is
likely to change quickly as they grow, so aligning with current interests could be a costly mistake.

Rugs can work double-duty

Technically, they can work in three ways, but who’s counting? Not only do rugs look great and help to make a decorating style a little more cohesive, they also protect your flooring and can be an interactive choice, too. Rugs with printed designs make for
excellent backdrops for imaginative play, especially those with road scenes that work with wheeled playthings.

Make a hideaway

Even the most sociable kids like their own space now and then, which is why a cosy little hideaway is a must-have in any playroom. Whether you choose to embrace the Scandi trend with a stripped wood and white canvas tepee or grab a bed canopy and hang it from the ceiling, don’t forget the extra fluffy cushions and/or bean bags. The idea is to make a little nook that feels safe, private and snuggly, which will be perfect for nap times.


Sneak in some exercise

The benefits of kids exercising regularly are extensive, so if you can, include some physical elements in your playroom. Swings, climbing walls, foam playgrounds and wooden A-frames are all excellent ways to gently encourage not only exploration but also some exercise. Don’t forget to add some cushioning to the floor, with squishy mats, if you are a little nervous about tumbles and falls.

The perfect playroom is any space that encourages your kids to express themselves fully, explore their surroundings and use their imaginations, so don’t be afraid to tap into yours, during the design process. Keep it fun, easy to maintain and most of all,
family-focused and you won’t go far wrong.

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