Great Tips to Babyproof Your Home

Parents who are expecting a child might feel overwhelmed with everything that they will have to do. Raising a child is difficult, and you will need to pay him or her all the attention you can.

But even then, the chances are that you might miss something, especially when it comes to ensuring the safety of your baby. 

Some parents question whether they need to take extra precautions. They must, because when it comes to the safety of a child, nothing should be more important than that. 

If you feel like your knowledge is lacking in this department, consider the tips below as a reference to what you must have. 

Tip #1 – Install Baby Gates for Stairs

If you have stairs, you will want to get baby gates for that. In the early days, stairs will not be a hazard. However, once the baby starts to walk or even crawl, you might be surprised by how easy it is for him or her to get up the stairs. But it is an entirely different story when they need to come down.

The babies are not aware of their surroundings, and it is more than likely that they will not evaluate what is necessary to get off the stairs safely. 

Modernbabyadvice website presents best safe baby gates for stairs. You can look at the page and find gates that suit your needs. Buying them is a worthy investment. 

Tip #2 – Avoid Tablecloths

Tablecloths might not seem like the most dangerous thing at home, but they can lead to accidents as well. It is okay if it is just the tablecloth on a table by itself. If a baby pulls it down, nothing should happen.

On the other hand, if there are contents on the tablecloth, such as mugs, plates, or bowls, it could turn into a big problem. Get a placemat or refrain from having anything at all. 

Table Cloth

Tip #3 – Guard Windows

Windows need extra attention, as well. Even if you are living on the first floor, or the windows are higher up and should not be reachable for a baby, there is no need to take any risks. You might be surprised by how genius some kids are, and before you know it, they are putting themselves in danger.

Tip #4 – Take Note of Corners

Corners and sharp places at home are a bit problematic. You might find yourself unable to keep up with the baby at some point. And protecting him by following the baby all the time sounds like an idea that is too far-fetched.

You can use something like bubble wrap or even special corner protectors for babies. It might cost you a bit extra, but you cannot put a price on the well-being of your child.

Tip #5 – Provide a Place to Play 

Chores will have to be finished. And if your partner is not at home, or you do not have anyone else to take care of the baby, you will need to find a way to ensure that he or she is safe.


There are multiple products that function as a safe space for babies to play. Jumperoos will keep them entertained and busy while you finish your work. And that is only one of the examples. 

Tip #6 – Hide Laundry and Cleaning Products

Products that have dangerous chemicals in them are a big hazard. Even if a baby should not be able to open a bottle and breathe in the stuff, you should still do your best and put cleaning, laundry, and other similar products as far away as you can. And that is something to keep in mind even after your child is no longer a baby. The stuff is dangerous and should be kept out of reach.

Tip #7 – Remember Window Blinds

Window blinds could also attract the baby’s attention. For some reason, children have a tendency to put things around their necks. And window blind cords are perfect for that. One can only imagine what this can lead to. The ideal solution is to get cordless blinds. Or, if you cannot, fix these cords in a way that your baby is not able to reach them. 

Tip #8 – Be Cautious Around Electricity

Electrocution deaths are not common, but they happen. Electric sockets appear quite attractive, and plenty of babies would love to put their fingers in the sockets to see what is inside. 

Get yourself some safe-plates and cover the electric sockets in the home. This should be more than enough to prevent potential electrical hazards.


Tip #9 – Lock the Bathroom

Bathrooms are dangerous for a child. Lock the door when you can so that the baby is unable to enter it. You may find that locking and unlocking the room gets tedious after a while, but since this is your child we are talking about, having some patience should be a given.

Tip #10 – Pay Attention While Driving

There are a lot of dangers when you are driving with a child. You need to pay attention to both the road and the baby. Find out what you can do to ensure that the baby is safe in a car.

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  1. Every parent worries about their children’s safety, even when the little ones are just at home. I agree that it is indeed important to lock the bathroom doors to keep kids from going in and out without the parents noticing.


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