Unusual Hen Party Ideas You’ve Probably Never Considered

Do you want your hen party to stand out from the crowd? Make your hen party unforgettable by doing something alternative that you and your friends and family will absolutely love. If you are a bridesmaid organising the hen party for the bride, we have so many ideas that the bride will absolutely love. She will be so grateful that you have put so much thought and effort into her special day. Here are a few unusual hen party ideas that you may not have thought about.

Life Drawing

Life drawing is such a fascinating thing to do. You are presented with a naked person in front of you, whilst you and your friends sit surrounding them and draw them from each angle you are looking at the person from. Once you get over the initial shock of seeing a naked body in front of you, the actual process is extremely interesting, and you’ll start to notice things about the human body that maybe you hadn’t before. It makes you more aware of things like form and scale, and you get to leave with your own piece of art. This is a particularly great hen party activity for all of the creative brides out there.

Ghost Tours

This is definitely an alternative hen party option, and one you will never forget. There are lots of different types of ghost tours in cities like Manchester, which will take you and your party on a guided tour accompanied by spooky stories, and the guides may even instruct you on how to communicate with the dead. There is a ghost tour company in Liverpool which is superbly named Shiverpool. They give amazing theatrically led ghost tours around the city and reveal mysterious stories and histories in each location. There is also a ghost bus tour in London that will take you all around the main huge attractions that London has to offer, and whilst you may have seen some of them before, you may not know the spooky history behind some of them.

Human Table Football

Again, another alternative option is human table football. It is exactly what it says on the box; there is an absolutely huge inflatable table football pitch and you are instructed on how to play and stay safe, etc. You are then strapped into position and the game begins. It is so much fun and is an especially great option if your bride to be is a very sporty and active type of person. You can hire the inflatable table football so that you can have it in a location perfect for you and your party.


You may have heard of glamping before, but there are so many different unusual types of glamping that will blow your mind. There are treehouses available to stay in which are incredible, as well as geodomes, hobbit houses, airstream glamping, and so much more. When looking for your next glamping hen party in the North East, make sure that you have enough space for your whole bridal party and also have a communal area where you can spend the night playing games, quizzes and eating food together. If you are stuck for campfire activities, then how about using the For Better For Worse Mrs and Mrs quiz questions? They are hilarious and some of them quite risqué, so if the bride’s family are present, those questions could easily be left out! This quiz will be so much fun and a good chance to get more of an insight into the bride and groom’s relationship. For Better For Worse is a great resource for wedding inspiration, from games to favours and even venues.

Silent Disco

Having a silent disco is such a fun way to bring the club to you. This can be done anywhere, and is a great option if you are glamping, for example. You can create your own playlist that you know you and your party will enjoy, or let the party radio stations take over. The headphones are wireless too so you can move and dance around the room. You could even have someone record you all dancing to the music in your headphones, as it looks like you are all randomly dancing to no music at all! With some silent disco headsets, you can change between each radio station too, so if someone doesn’t like a song that’s on, they can easily switch. Have a boogie with a silent disco – you and your friends will be able to dance the night away.

So, get creative with ideas for the hen party using these options as inspiration. They will ensure that you and your party have the best time together and will never forget such a wonderful experience that you all shared before the big day!

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