Kid-friendly attractions in Manila

Manila is the bustling capital of the Philippines which is a family-friendly destination full of vibrant venues and crazy things to enjoy. People of Manila vary as they put marshmallows in salads, take selfies on flood and name their kids “Crystal Gale”, “Peach Pink Orchids” and “Lady-Bee” etc. So this complete guide will direct you to Manila’s kid-friendly destinations packed with joy and amusement (also, you can book flights through Cathay Pacific if you are travelling from London to Manila!). In order to travel more, worry less, remember to protect you and your family by purchasing insurance. Now, you can check from online insurance hong kong to make everything convenient.

  • Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park is an aquatic theme park. The entrance is nice and attractive. Aquariums are well maintained and the fish are well fed. Since Manila Ocean Park is full of knowledge increasing activities, it is a mostly caught destination by schools for their field trips. The park features not only sea creatures but also reptiles, birds and many more. It would be really fun to go diving and swimming with the fish. Most famous creatures are penguins and you’ll find that section always crowded. This is overall a good place to spend even the whole day with your kids.

  • DreamPlay

It’s a great place for bonding with kids. Like this place so not much spacious, you will not need to run after your kids to make sure their safety. Although it is seen like packed, hundreds of fun things to make your little kiddos are available. At the same time, you can sit and sip a bottomless soda or ice tea while watching your kids slide to their heart content. The gingerbread and 4D movies make kids as well as parents so excited. Some cartoon characters from movies such as Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon can be found at DreamPlay.

  • Museo Pambata

This is a perfect getaway for the kids to have fun together with knowledge. Rooms are filled with lots of things for learning. The visit to Museo Pambata would be an educational tour for the kids including the Philippine culture, history of Manila, insects, medicinal plants, music instruments, human body and many more. Museo Pambata is a place where the curious mind in all of us will be fed with scientific and historical knowledge. There is also a library for kids and adults who love to read.

  • A Lunch at Genki Sushi.

If you are wondering where to bring your kids to Manila for a delicious meal, Genki Sushi is the best place. There is an electric train running through the restaurant passing each table. Once you place the order at the table via the digital iPad, the train reaches you with brilliantly prepared sushi delights. To continue ordering you need to press the button of the train. Little children love this attractive way of ordering meals. The bill comes to the iPad on your table. This place boasts super technology and the food is outstanding.

  • Mind Museum

This is Philippines’s Science Museum especially designed for kids. A place with educational knowledge plus fun. It features physics-inspired slides, a giant bubble maker and animal vision telescope. Dinosaurs win the hearts of little kids as well as adults. The space exhibition area is found packed always. Those who enter the Mind Museum go out with a mind full of valuable knowledge. There is an outdoor park as well. This place is closed on Mondays and best to visit on weekdays to avoid lots of crowds.

Inside the Light Bridge
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  • Art In Island

A family-friendly 3D museum in the Philippines capital. Taking photos with those 3d pictures gives you plenty of joy. It boasts a stunning light show that brings all the paintings in a specific room to life. You are not allowed to wear the shoes inside or asked to use a shoe cover. It is a good strategy to keep the floors and paintings free of dust. Weekends hold some art workshops for kids. It also has a café where you can refuel and rest if you are tired of walking around. With the right angle at every picture, you can be a part of it!

  • Fun Ranch

This is a complete children’s complex and a party destination for a family with kids. It features some exciting activities like Token Rides, Bumper Cars, Swing, Bumper Boats, Playdium, Speed Racing, Tea Cup, The Red Baron and many more. There are restaurants and coffee shops for grown-ups to spend the time until their little ones enjoy. Even if the park is closed, some toys work with coins. Every child gets scary at their first attempt but soon will they love those activities.

  • Active Fun Building

If your kids seem to be jumping off the walls or pushing themselves against the walls, let them spend their unlimited energy at this indoor sports centre. Active Fun Building boosts hanging bridges, trampolines, padded play frames, sliding areas, tunnels, ball pools and many more. There is a separate open area for tiny tots. Parents can stay behind the play area while tasting some snacks until the little ones tire themselves. It is visible that Active Fun Building has concerned more about children’s safety by providing nets under every height-related activities and staff members around kids. You can also rent a room in the Active Fun Building for a party of kids. Most of the kids love to do climbing activities at Active Fun Building.

  • Terra 28th

This is a park with playgrounds and art installations located within a walking distance from Active Fun Building. Terra 28th is an ideal place for a family picnic as well. The most interesting fact is that you can bring your pet dog along with you. The play area teaches the children to play Holen, Piko, Patintero, Habulan Taya and Luksong Baka etc. The art installations are attractive. Musical steps allow the kids to make music as they keep the foot on keys. Colour Me Chameleon allows the kids to give him different colours which provide kids with a great opportunity to identify colours.

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