Project 365 2020 Week 39 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 28

I was expecting a second wave of coronavirus, but had mentally prepared myself for October.

The rule change last week, was a bit of a shock, but this week it has been tightened even further. Boris Johnson announced on Tuesday a package of tougher measures in England which include early closing for pubs, bars; table service only; closing businesses that are not covid secure; expanding the use of face coverings, and new fines for those that fail to comply.

Most of these don’t affect us as we don’t go out, but it does mean that both my husband and I are now required to wear a face mask at all time at when we work in our retail jobs. My pre-school rules have also tightened, more hand-washing, more disinfecting but we are remaining open.

There is no national lockdown again, yet, but the panic buying has already started.

Here is our week……..

Sunday 20th September

It was an early start for us as we booked tickets to visit Windsor Castle at 11am, but it was a beautiful sunny day and the roads were clear.

Eliza Gateway

I have never been before and we were all fascinated by the castle, both inside and out. The COVID19 restrictions meant that numbers were very limited and although we didn’t have the castle to ourselves, there were just a handful of other visitors around us and the staff managed social distancing brilliantly – if only other venues were this good!

East Terrace Castle

Once we came out of the castle grounds, Windsor itself was heaving, so we didn’t explore the town as much as we would have liked, however, we did make an effort to do the Long Walk.

Post Box

It was busiest near the castle, but never crowded and the kids loved finding conkers along the way.


We all enjoyed our day out, which was probably our last where we got to enjoy warm, sunny weather this year.

Monday 21st September

Back to school and the kids all have colds. It happens every year, two to three weeks back and they always come down with something – just goes to show that all that anti-bac / handwashing / deep cleaning isn’t still doesn’t keep all the germs away. We checked the school policy, but with no temperature or cough they were good to go to school.

Isaac Scouts

In the evening, it was Isaac’s week to attend scouts and they have to wear a mask if going inside. His friends and I chuckled at his pixie ears, caused by the elastic, but he had great fun doing campfire cooking and made a super hot chilli dish.

Sebby poorly

Back in February, Sebby was really poorly with a cold / flu that would not shift and subsequently turned into tonsillitis and then pneumonia. This is the first time he has been poorly since and we have been trying desperately to teach him how to blow his nose, but he just can’t seem to get to grips with it……..any tips let me know, but you know he isn’t himself when he comes downstairs for a cuddle.

Tuesday 22nd September

Thanks kids………I now have a cold, but Sebby has perked up and its off to school / work for us.


Kian was home to look after the kids whilst Isaac went swimming, so I headed off for a walk around the park whilst he swam. The weather is definitely feeling more Autumnal and the ducks looked less than impressed with the change in the weather.

Wednesday 23rd September

I had an awful nights sleep. I think I had to blow my nose every 15 minutes without fail and had awful sinus pain. Normally I battle through colds and carry on as normal, but for the first time in a very long time, I phoned in sick. The kids seem over it now and my husband took Eliza swimming in the evening and she came back super excited with the swimmer of the day wristband!!

Swimmer of the Day

We had curry for dinner as my husband thought it might clear my nose, but I could not taste a thing and ended up leaving most of it and headed to bed early.

Thursday 24th September

The NHS COVID19 app launched today and once the kids were at school I downloaded it. I had marmite on toast for breakfast, but realised I could not taste that either, so decided to fill in the symptom checker.

COVID19 app

I thought you had to have all three symptoms to isolate, but it appears that it is only one, so I booked a test. Our local testing centre didn’t have any availability, so I am getting a test through the post.

I spent the day watching day time TV and catching up with some blog work.

Friday 25th September

The kids were not happy about not going to school, they love being back with their friends!

I spoke to my Mum today and ironically my step-brother and his family all have confirmed cases of COVID19. My test arrived via amazon at lunchtime and I did it immediately. It wasn’t pleasant, but was all over in 30 seconds.

Medi Bag

You have to send it back via a priority postbox and luckily for me, ours is less than a 5 minute walk from our house, so I sent it back almost straight away…………now just waiting for the results.


Ironically, I feel much better today. My taste has returned, but I still have a snotty nose and a bit of a cough. I honestly think I just had a heavy cold and it knocked me for six. I take immunosuppressants for my arthritis and working in the early years sector, I do normally feel like I am fighting the lurgy from October to March anyway.

Saturday 26th September

I don’t do being inside, especially now I am feeling better. I still have 7 days to go if my test comes back positive. I am just hoping the turn around time is fast and I get the all clear.

No exciting photo’s today, but the kids were over the moon that the new Smyths Toy Catalogue arrived through the post. Now to manage their Christmas expectations!!

Smyths Toy Catalogue

How has your week been?

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17 thoughts on “Project 365 2020 Week 39 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 28”

  1. Oh Kara I hope it’s just a cold. You’ve now explained the big sticker on our nearest postbox! Good to know when we need it – I’m sure we will be taking tests at some point in the months ahead. Windsor Castle is great isn’t it, need to go back really as my son was very small when we visited. Take care #366

  2. Ah the Smyths toy catalogue – we had ours too, but sadly it’s not as exciting for H as it once was (growing up now I guess). Hope you are feeling better soon and that your test is negative.

  3. The new Coronavirus rules don’t really affect us either. I do feel for you having to wear a mask at work.
    Windsor Castle looks like a fab place to visit. It sounds like you had a great time.
    I hope you are all feeling better now and your test comes back negative. My eldest has had a cold but so far the rest of us seem to have escaped. Poor Sebby. My 18 year old still doesn’t blow her nose properly, she just doesn’t seem to blow so no advice from me. x

  4. Fingers crossed it is just a cold – it is such an easy time to catch them at this time of year and so much worry atm due to coronavirus too. We had a Smyths catalogue turn up too and the kids have been having a right ruffle through.

  5. Hope the test is negative. I’ve had a horrible cold too – I think after not coming into contact with people for so long, I’ve no immunity to fight it off. Thankfully I had none of the 3 symptoms.
    Poor Sebby – sounds like it’s really doing the rounds.
    I’ve not been to Windsor Castle since I lived in the town as a child. Really should go back some time.

  6. Windsor Castle is lovely. I went years back but haven’t taken the kids yet. It must have been worrying to have to take the test. Lucky it’s nice and quick!!! Hope you’re okay x

  7. I’m not gonna lie, I think we’ll all be in another full lockdown soon. Corona is rife in my area at the mo, and we hardly had any cases during the peak of the pandemic. Things seem like they’re going to get much worse before they get better.

    Louise x

  8. I hope your test comes back negative, sorry to hear about your family members having the virus, I hope it’s not too harsh on them. No evidence of panic buying where I live. As long as I can walk my dog daily I’m ok with further lockdowns, I just need to be able to fly to see my husband soon

  9. I hope everyone is feeling much better now! The back to school bugs are horrible, however mix on current life and it’s a nightmare!
    Windsor Castle looks amazing and what fabulous weather on the day you chose! Hope you are all having a lovely week! Sim x

  10. Hope you have had a negative result back by now? There are so many bugs going round we ave all had colds too. We loved Windsor castles when we visited, looks like you had wonderful weather.

  11. That’s good to know that Windsor Castle is so good with the restrictions. We’ve never been although it’s just down the road from us. I do love the Long Walk though. Love Isaac’s Ravenclaw mask and glad he enjoyed being back at Scouts. Hope you and Sebby are both feeling better now and that your Covid test comes back negative. Well done to Eliza on getting the swimmer of the day wristband. #project366

  12. I love Windsor, we went 4 times last year as the ticket lasts 12 months. Good luck with the test result, I had no idea there were priority post boxes: is there a list somewhere? #project366

  13. Those are quite tight measures, I hope those businesses don’t shut down. The castle looks amazing and it is great that they’ve taken social distancing measures well. I suppose we’ll panic every time we get sick but good to know that the are alright. Good to know Sebby got better. Cute wristband. Really? Shouldn’t one have all 3 symptoms? Oh no, I hope they recover from the virus. I hope you don’t have the virus


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