My positive experience of the COVID19 app

With the kids back at school, it was inevitable that the kids were going to come home with coughs and colds at some point.

This happened after just two weeks, but thankfully their symptoms were just runny noses.

Last Tuesday I felt the first symptoms of a cold in myself and thought nothing of it. I work in a pre-school and normally find that I feel like I am fighting the lurgy between the months of October to March anyway and just get on with it.

By Tuesday evening, I really didn’t feel well. I took Isaac swimming and had a walk around the park to get some fresh air, but I was awake almost night, blowing my nose every 15 minutes or so – I know as I was clock watching.

On Wednesday morning, I phoned into work ill, which is most unlike me but after a night of no sleep and a stinking cold, I didn’t think they would want me in. A day watching daytime TV it was and I consoled myself with some chocolate orange buttons, which I remember moaning about as they didn’t taste like chocolate orange.

Dinner on Wednesday evening was a hot curry as I hoped it would help clear my nose, but it was then I realised that I couldn’t actually taste anything. I didn’t think much of it, as I couldn’t smell thanks to my cold and I had that familiar ache around my cheeks and jaw which I normally get when my sinuses are blocked.

Contact Tracing

I actually managed sleep on Wednesday night and on Thursday, after taking the kids to school I downloaded the NHS COVID19 app to my phone and filled in the details. I knew that one of the symptoms of coronavirus was a change or loss to your sense of smell / taste, but assumed that it had to be combined with a high temperature and a new continuous cough, but the app said otherwise.

COVID19 app

I booked my test through the app and as no tests were available at our local testing site, I ordered one through the post, which arrived the very next day via amazon.


Before you start, you need to find out where your local priority post box is, to be able to send it back – there were several near me. It is not the most pleasant procedure, but is over in under a minute and involves you taking a swap from your tonsils and your nose and putting that swap in a sealed container and sealing in a special bag.

Medi Bag

This is in put inside the addressed box provided and security sealed.


Being in isolation, the one thing that surprised me is that it says you can leave the house to post it – luckily my postbox is a short 5 min walk away.


Ironically my sense of taste and smell came back Friday and apart from sinus pain during the weekend I felt much better and we sorted out the kids bedrooms and playroom, making the most of some time off.

After a weekend constantly checking to see if there was any news, despite them saying it would take around 72 hours, I woke on Monday to a message on the app to say my results were negative after just 50 hours – very impressed.

Covid App

The results were also sent via email and text message.

I have seen so many negative stories about the app, but I am really impressed with it. From what I can see it doesn’t use much battery life and the QR code to scan into shops and restaurants is easy to use.

Have you downloaded the COVID19 Track and Trace App?


19 thoughts on “My positive experience of the COVID19 app”

  1. Glad your result was negative. Hope you are feeling better. I have downloaded the app. My only concern is that there is a testing centre behind my house and I’m concerned any negative results will show as me being in contact. No idea though!

  2. I also work in a school and I have downloaded the app this weekend. Glad to hear you had a positive experience with it. My husband has to take a test in the summer (he also works in the school) and the results were quick to arrive.

  3. This was really interesting to read, I am yet to download the app but must do it as I know you need to scan in to lots of places with it now too! Glad your results were negative and you are feeling much better too! x

  4. I’m really glad to hear you are feeling better now. I’ve not yet downloaded the app. My phone is barely managing as it is and won’t let me add any more apps at the moment and the joke is I only have essentials and those the school made me add.

  5. Hope you are feeling better now.
    I would really like to download the app but I can’t because my iPhone is too old which is really frustrating. I don’t really believe in constantly upgrading my phone until it breaks so it feels odd that I can’t use the new app.

  6. I’ve not downloaded the app no as I don’t go out to public places like restaurants/ bars etc so don’t come in contact with people outside of my immediate family. But it’s so good to hear that you had a positive experience x

  7. This was really wonderful and made the entire process so convenient, all through technology. I agree this app is a huge blessing and every country around the world must ensure that this is implemented.


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