Project 365 2020 Week 40 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 29

It has been an interesting week and we are feeling a bit down, probably as we had isolation, Boris’ announcements and then the weather was so rubbish that we have not been able to go out.

On Wednesday evening the Prime Minister gave his first joint press conference with the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific advisor since the start of the pandemic because the country is at a “critical moment” as cases are rising at an alarming rate.

At Tesco, we now have to wear masks all the time, even behind screens and the back areas plus we are getting a traffic light system installed at the front doors that limits the number of people allowed in again. We also have restrictions back in place on toilet rolls, hand sanitiser, tinned goods and pasta.

Sunday 27th September

We are still isolating, with no news. I cleared our dining room / playroom and sorted toys to be donated to the school / pre-school and others to go to the charity shop. I am not sure what to do with the teddy’s as they can’t really be washed / sterilised so they are currently just bagged up in the porch.


Meanwhile, the kids enjoyed a spot of gaming fun!

Monday 28th September

We had prepared the kids for another day at home and not set an alarm, but we woke at 8am to a text, email and an app message to say my results were negative.

App message

Cue, much running around trying to get the kids to school on time. We live over the road from the primary school so Eliza and Sebby were on time, but Isaac was about an hour late. Thankfully the school was fine about it.

My husband went to work, but pre-school had already covered my hours, so I had another day off work, but enjoyed a visit from Abbey and Lilah, so she could put her new baby walker to the test.

Lilah Walker

The evening was spent ferrying the kids to their swimming lessons.

Tuesday 29th September

Back to work for me today.

Tuesday is swimming day for Isaac, so we went to the play park whilst he was swimming.

Bucket Swing

The temperature has really started to drop and it was getting dark by the time he finished, so I am not sure how long we are going to be able to keep this up, as we are not allowed inside the sports centre to watch him swim.


Wednesday 30th September

Another work and school day, but in the evening I did a twitter party on new Present Pets toys, so we unboxed it and took lots of pictures beforehand.

Sebby Present Pets

There was also another Prime Ministers briefing, which was full of worrying news with a second wave of Coronavirus already starting to excelerate.


We are not locking back down yet as a country, but it has been stressed that people must wear masks and follow social distancing rules more seriously.

Thursday 1st October

The temperature has really dropped, especially in the evening and Abbey admitted in our family group chat that she had put the heating on already………..cue a note from my husband on our thermostat.


I think they get the hint!

Friday 2nd October

We are due to have our flat roof replaced soon, but with Storm Alex on its way, my husband braved the rain and carried out some repairs to help stop water from getting in over the weekend, as the Daily Echo’s tagline was that the storm would bring “one of the worst weekends of weather of all time in Dorset”.

Flat Roof

Fingers crossed it holds for the weekend.

Saturday 3rd October

I picked up some overtime for the weekend, so the kids headed off to Abbey’s for a playdate armed with popcorn and sweets for a day of movies, as the weather was atrocious.

Stairgate jail

With Lilah on the move now, Abbey has put up stairgates and I was quite amused that the kids had forgotten how to operate them!

How has your week been?

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10 thoughts on “Project 365 2020 Week 40 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 29”

  1. That’s great news about the negative Coronavirus test. It must have been such a worry.
    We’ve had the heating on a couple of times over the last week. My fella is like your husband. He hates having the heating on. lol x

  2. Great news about the negative test result, what a relief for you all. We’ve had heating for the last two weeks, as our very old house gets pretty damp otherwise. I’m in charge, and I switch it on and off. 🙂
    I suppose it’s sensible that Tesco has limits on how much you can buy, that might prevent the empty shelves.

  3. A relief about the covid test being negative. Bet it’s good to be back again. Love the thermostat note. My OH is always the one who turns the heating on first in our house.

  4. Glad that your coronavirus test came back negative. Love that photo of Lilah in her new baby walker – she looks very happy with it. The second wave is really worrying isn’t it? I’m sure we’re going to have a lot more restrictions coming up. The note from your husband on the thermostat made me chuckle – I’m a bit like that when it comes to putting the heating on too! Hope you didn’t get too battered by Storm Alex. #project366

  5. I am a very cold person so we have the heating on and I have extra layers too! Meanwhile my youngest is wandering around in just his pants… So glad your test result was negative! #project366

  6. Fabulous news your result was negative, but what a whirlwind trying to get everyone ready for school! Super lucky the school is only across the road!
    What is it with men and having the heating on? I absolutely hate bills, but am always happy to have the heating on and live in a sauna… no man will ever mess with my temperature gauge! 😉 Sim x

  7. Oh thank goodness that the test was negative. Hope the roof held. Your husbands note on the thermostat made me laugh out loud as its exactly the same thing that my husband would say and do.

  8. There’s been a lot of rain there and the situation is getting tough. Cute little gamers. Congrats on being tested negative. Lilah looks adorable in her walker. I hope the second wave won’t be harsh. That’s a scary tagline. Lilah seems already excited to escape


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