Project 365 2020 Week 41 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 30

I can almost feel another lockdown coming.

Apparently Coronavirus cases doubled in a week in England to more than 17,000 a day, although we still seem to be OK here in Dorset at the moment, although it is steadily creeping up.

All reports are now saying that the virus is out of control and Scotland has already locked back down, so I feel it is only a matter of time.

I am trying to not to worry, but have spent the week feeling out of sorts and trying to avoid the news again.

Here is our week:

Sunday 4th October

A full day of work for me and the weather was rubbish, so the kids were at home with Daddy.

Sebby Homework

I got home to find that the kids had done their homework and loved Sebby’s silly sentences. He definitely gets his imagination from his Dad.


The kids swimming lessons start at 18.45, so by the time they finish it’s now dark and rather chilly. I have emailed the club about them coming out in their wet swim clothes – it was ok when it was warm, but not now.

Monday 5th October

I was supposed to be at the BlogOn Toy awards over the weekend, but could not afford to go. The lovely AK brought my goodie bag home and my husband stupidly laid it all out on the table when the kids were home.

Blog On Goodie Bag

My plan of hiding stuff away for Christmas failed, but the kids had fun nonetheless. Isaac’s fortnite costume is ladies size 12-14………there is no way I would get in that!!


Sebby had his swimming lesson today and thankfully they can get changed in the changing rooms. Only a couple of parents are allowed in to watch at a time, so I have booked a slot for next week.

Tuesday 6th October

When we left for school, we all stopped to watch a squirrel who was doing a wall of death run around our neighbours garden.


I think there must have been something in his nuts!

Eliza Tree

Another swimming night for Isaac which means Eliza is up another tree!!

Wednesday 7th October

Exciting post today – our Great Dorset Pumpkin Trail sticker arrived.

Pumpkin Trail

The idea is to give children in the area a Covid safe Halloween.  The idea is that they search for Pumpkin pictures and displays in the local area rather than knocking on peoples doors for treats.

I keep getting these notifications on my phone, but when I go to open the app there is nothing there – is anyone else getting them?


Thursday 8th October

A day off for me, so I met up with Abbey and Lilah and we headed to Tesco to find some baby vests and decided to stop for lunch.


She loves looking at herself in the phone or the mirror!!

It was back to Tesco for work for me in the evening.

Friday 9th October

With travel plans off this year, we have been sorting the house. We had all our internal doors replaced a few weeks ago and today another job was ticked off – we had our flat roof replaced.

Flat roof

We have been meaning to do it for ages, but it was clear our repairs were not enough to fix it. The workmen were brilliant though and stripped and replaced the whole roof in a morning.

Roof rubbish

Our next job is to redecorate the dining room and save for a new sofa, but I am quite happy admiring our new roof for now.

New Roof

Saturday 10th October

I quote “BEST DAY EVER”.

Hawk Conservancy

My kids love anything to do with animals and nature and today we visited the Hawk Conservancy Trust in Hampshire.

Owl Display

It is a wildlife day out with stunning flying displays in three different arena’s, bird of prey conservation and family fun. I have to say the social distancing measures in place were the best I have seen on all our days out and we all felt happy and comfortable throughout the day.

Social Distancing

The kids really enjoyed completing the Top Trumps trail and seeing all the birds, bu the highlight of the day was spending time with the Burrowing Owls.

Burrowing Owls

We will definitely be back!!

How has your week been?

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10 thoughts on “Project 365 2020 Week 41 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 30”

  1. Ahh! I can feel another lockdown coming too and I think it’s needed. I am ignorning the news until anything is definate, we should know tomorrow. Eek.
    hehehe! Sebby’s homework did make me chuckle.
    Oh no! That doesn’t seem good, the kids coming out of swimming in their wet swim clothes. I wouldn’t be happy about that at all.
    The goodie bag looks amazing! My two would have been fighting over the Fortnite costume.
    The Pumpkin Trail sounds like fun!
    It does sound like a wonderful day at the Hawk Conservancy Trust. They really are beautiful birds!

  2. Yes I can feel another lockdown coming too. We have a similar issue for swimming at H’s lessons and I can’t understand why they just can’t limit the numbers in the changing room at any one time. No issue though when I go swimming – I can just use the changing room (it’s a different venue though).

  3. i love visiting bird sanctuaries but I tend to take the dog with me everywhere so end up not being able to go in. Whoops to hubby laying out all the Blog on goodies in front of the kids, glad they had fun with it all though.
    I’ve had a couple of notifications on my phone about possible risk exposure but then haven’t been able to access anything further to find out more

  4. Love the squirrel we have so many of them just now. The fortnite costume looks fab as does the goodie bag. The pumpkin trail sounds fab. Not sure we’ll make it out to visit one yet xxx

  5. I like Seb’s silly sentences too; they made me smile. Coming out in wet swimming costumes is not good now that it is getting cold – Sophie is allowed ten minutes in the changing rooms after her swimming lesson but they have to arrive pool ready. Love the photo of Eliza climbing the tree. That goody bag looks amazing but oops with your husband laying it out while the kids were around. I remember visiting the Hawk Conservancy when I was on a school trip many years ago and loved it. Glad you all enjoyed your day out there. #project366

  6. I really wouldnt be happy about the kids coming out of swimming in their wet things this time of year. Looks like you have had some lovely days out this week the Hawk Conservatory Trust looks fab!

  7. Oh no, that’s a lot of cases, I hope the situation dials down. The silly sentences are so adorable! Woah, happy early Christmas. Sebby’s got swag! Aww squirrel! cool tree. The workers are quite efficient. The owls look beautiful and that’s a very cool way of explaining social distancing by the length of the eagle’s wings


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