Car Shopping With Confidence: A Guide for Women

There is a lot of information, and misinformation, about car sales. You’ve probably had someone warn you at some point not to go shopping for your car without your husband, dad, brother, or male friend, or you might be ripped off by a dodgy car salesman taking advantage of your being one of the fairer sex. 

While this advice might have been true once, it’s not the case anymore. It is actually not that unusual for women to approach car dealers on their own. In fact, statistics show that women are involved in decision making regarding car purchases in over 80% of all sales.

Here are some top tips on making sure you get the best deal on your next purchase.

Do Your Research and Consider Older Models

Head to the dealership prepared. Know what you’re after and the ballpark price you’d be prepared to pay for it. Knowing the best options to suit your busy lifestyle is a great place to start. Are you wanting a new model, or are you prepared to consider something older? Going with something a year or two old can save you big dollars. Dealers will cut prices on last year’s stock, which means you still get a new car, just not brand spanking, and you get it for a lot less.

Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate

Even the car you’re considering is already discounted, or the dealer has made you a lower-than-ticketed offer, don’t assume this the best price you can get. Negotiation is often uncharted territory and can seem a little overwhelming. Arming yourself with the right information, and knowing what not to say, can make the process a lot easier. 

Don’t let the salesperson know your maximum figure, and don’t discuss monthly repayments until you have settled on a price. Finding out what the dealer paid for the car initially gives you leverage to negotiate up from the price rather than down from the asking price. 

Time is Your Friend

Don’t be afraid to sit on it. If the dealer refuses your offer (even if you’ve not yet reached your maximum bid), don’t be scared to leave your contact details and bid them farewell. Chances are, a counteroffer will be put on the table a few days later. Sometimes the perfect price can take days or even a week to come to, but it is worth the wait. 

Insure Your Investment

Once you’ve agreed on the price and are ready to pick up your new wheels, don’t forget about insurance. All that hard work won’t be worth a cent if you someone hits your new ride as you roll out of the dealership, and you don’t have insurance in place. There are some great resources online to find out more about the best insurance options for you. 

While buying a car might have been intimidating once upon a time, using these tips, you can confidently purchase your next vehicle without having to worry about who’s wearing the pants at the dealership.

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