Project 365 2020 Week 46 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 35

The first week of our new lockdown and it feels so different from the first.

I have not noticed much difference in the traffic, especially at school run times. Thankfully there is no panic buying this time, which is good, but people are upset that non-essentials have been cordoned off in shops.

I have to admit that I am surprised that my husband is still working as the company he works for I class as non-essential, but they seem to have got around it, for now at least.

Here is our week:

Sunday 8th November

A work day for me. I spent it on the door, selling poppies. We raised over £1550 over the weekend, which is amazing.

The kids spent the day with Abbey where they baked cakes and were treated to a roast dinner, so they were very happy! I still cannot upload images to my blog so raised a ticket to get it fixed.


Monday 9th November

I logged on to my computer just before 8am to try and find a XBox Series X, but despite reports that some stores would have them, we had no luck finding one. I worked in the morning at the pre-school and then, with my blog still not fixed, I headed out to do the shopping in the afternoon before the school run.

Holes Bay

This lockdown feels very different from the first and I really miss all the walking we did last time, but with my husband and the kids at work / school, there is no one to walk with.

Isaac cam back from school determined that he was going to find XBox stock and we got very excited when I got an email from Amazon to say they were in stock…………just the price had more than doubled to £999. No thanks!!

A vaccine candidate was found to be more than 90% effective in preventing COVID-19 and will be rolled out next month to the most vulnerable which is exciting news. The news has definitely cheered everyone up and we are hopeful that 2021 is going to be a much better year.

Tuesday 10th November

Another morning at work and my blog still isn’t fixed, much to my frustration. Thankfully my Are We Nearly There Yet? blog is ok, so I caught up with my half term holiday post about our visit to Wild Place Project in Bristol.


Wednesday 11th November

A morning at work and I came home to an email to say my blog was fixed. It wasn’t, so another ticket raised and this time they remote accessed my laptop to see what the issue was. Thankfully after an hour, it was fixed and I managed to catch up on some reviews that I was late with, including this fab Build Your Own Telescope that we were sent to review.

Eliza's telescope

Thursday 12th November

I am entering my second week as a Community Champion at Tesco and today’s job was to help put up the store’s Christmas decorations and update the notice boards.

Christmas Tree

The tree is so tall I couldn’t reach to put the star on the top!!

Friday 13th November

Children in Need day. The kids went to school in mufti and I went to work in my best Pudsey jumper. We managed to raise £570 at work!

Eliza and Sebby finished school at lunchtime as it is closing half day on Friday’s for deep cleaning during lockdown. Thankfully my husband has Friday’s off work. Once they had done their school work, my husband set up our old XBox360 for Sebby so he could play Plants vs Zombies.

Plants vs Zombies

Saturday 14th November

Another supermarket day for me and the weather was awful – apparently Bournemouth was the wettest place in the country. Of course, the shop was busy, so we had queues to come in. I spent most of the day trying to explain to customers that we are asking only one person per household to come in as our restrictions are back now that we are back in lockdown and it means that fewer people will have to queue outside in the horrible weather. I really don’t understand why people just don’t get it.

How has your week been?

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17 thoughts on “Project 365 2020 Week 46 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 35”

  1. Wow, congrats on earning so much money! I heard the news about the vaccine, i hope it’s effective enough. Cool telescope and lovely Christmas tree, yep it’s missing the star on the top. Congrats on earning so much money for charity.

  2. Well done with the poppy selling. That is a fantastic amount raised.
    I feel quite glad that my girls haven’t asked for the new xbox this year. I have read that they are hard to get hold of.
    So sorry you have had trouble with your blog over the past week. I’m glad it’s fixed now.
    It sounds like you are having a fun time at work. The Christmas tree looks so pretty. x

  3. Love this project 365, it’s such a lovely insight – mine would be pretty boring though lol. I agree with you that this lockdown does feel a lot different than the last, more shops open and there is a little more freedom. My week has so far consisted on a huge clear out room by room each day.

  4. To be honest, it doesn’t even feel like we are in lockdown again. The schools are all open and most of the shops where I live are open, even though they were all shut during the first lockdown

  5. Well done on all the fundraising you have been doing and the money you have raised, thats amazing! We had no luck finding an XBOX either and the prices some people are selling them for is crazy!

    I get what you mean about the lockdown though! In comparison to last lockdown it doesn’t feel like a lockdown at all and it feels like more shops have been able to stay open this time around as well as schools etc. xx

  6. Well done with the fund raising at work and I love how you’ve decorated the tree, will someone be able to get the star up for you. Good the blog got fixed also, I’ve had similar issues with uploading photos on the past grrrrrr

  7. the mentality around here seems to be ” I did not get it last time, I will be fine this time” Our area has one of the highest rates in Scotland right now, doubt we can all avoid it forever.
    Made a good job of the Christmas tree, glad it was not me that needed to do it I am rubbish at it

  8. WOw £1550 is a great amount to have raised!

    Sorry to hear you had issues with the blog but glad it is sorted.

    It really doesn’t feel like a lockdown this time with the hubby going to work and the kids at school

  9. I can’t see any difference to normal here either. As part of the company I work for has washing machines running we are allowed to remain open. It annoying, when I could easily do my work from home. The roads are as full-on an ever. I can’t imagine having to deal with supermarket shoppers at the moment, you must have a lot more patience than me #366

  10. That’s a great bit of fundraising. Lucky your husband can sort the kids out on Fridays. Love that photos of them with Lilah. I’m with you – I don’t understand why people think they can just pop out for family shopping trips. They’re not thinking essential trips only, but round here they all seem to be thinking ‘well, that shop’s open, so I’ll just pop out and see what there is’. Sigh

  11. What a pain with the blog, glad to hear it was finally resolved. The telescope looks great and well done on raising so much money for Children in Need. I had no idea there was a new Xbox coming out. I can not believe they put the price up to double that’s so unfair. Love the Christmas Tree at work I must admit I am starting to think about Christmas now…

  12. Big well done with the fundraising! I didn’t see any poppy sellers in town, thought they were cancelled this time. The telescope looks pretty awesome!
    Lovely Christmas tree! Oh, the new XBox costs an arm and a leg. My younger one asked for it, but I haven’t even looked into it, and now that you say how much it costs, fat chance. He can still play on his XBox One. 🙂

  13. The new lockdown is so frustrating as I don’t think much has changed or people are ignoring the rules. Social distancing seems to have completely gone out of the window and kids are still congregating at the park while their parents chatter away with no masks #project366

  14. Great to see all the things you’ve got going on. Some people struggle to find fun things to do, so I hope your blog can be an inspiration and help motivate people to get up and have fun!


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