Keeping the kids warm and dry with the Kulkija jacket from Reima

The temperature has definitely dropped in the last few days and the kids winter coats have been dug out of the cupboard and freshened up with a wash.

Sadly, Eliza’s old Reima coat no longer fits her, but she did get two winters out of it, including a visit to a rather chilly Iceland, where it kept her warm and dry, which is very good going.

Reima Coat

We might not be heading North this winter, but we are still hoping to see snow and Reima sent Eliza their Kulkija jacket to put through its paces.

Reima Turquoise Coat

The Kulkija jacket is made from mono-material and is built to last. It is waterproof, breathable and recyclable, so perfect for the school run and for eco-conscious kids.


Eliza was eager to try the giant swing during our visit to Leap of Faith in Bristol, just as the heavens opened. Thankfully the coat kept her warm and dry as she screamed with delight as she swung down from 25ft in the air.


The seams of Reimatec’s winter jackets are waterproof sealed and the flexible, with warm wadding to keep kids warm in the cold. The jacket also features a detachable and safe hood, adjustable cuffs, a detachable snow lock at waist and zip pockets, perfect for storing any valuables.

Reima Coat

Reima clothes are made to be handed down, so several children can wear them, but when it is finally too worn to protect from snow and rain, this coat can be entirely recycled and used as material for new products.

The Kulkija jacket is available in five colours, light turquoise, black, white, pink and lime green and has an RRP of €169.95

Now lets hope we get some snow to really test it out!!

Disclaimer: We were sent the Kulkija jacket to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own


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  1. I love the fact that the coat is waterproof, breathable and recyclable. This is something my kids would enjoy wearing especially when it’s raining.

  2. You need a good warm jacket like this, esp while we’re all going on a lot more walks than normal due to the situation. I love the colours of these ones x


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