5 Easy Ways to Prevent Hearing Loss Later in Life

As we get older our hearing may become less acute. There are ways to combat this sign of aging and make sure that your hearing maintains its clarity for as long as possible. Here are five suggestions.

1. Have a hearing test

People lose their hearing gradually, and quite often aren’t aware that this vital sense is weakening. It’s a good idea to visit your local Hidden Hearing branch to have your ears tested and also talk to the experts about how you can protect this precious sense. September is Hearing Awareness Month, so if you’ve been finding it difficult to hear the radio or TV and can’t hear your friends on the telephone, this might be a good time to check up on your aural health.

2. Avoid loud noise

You may well have seen babies wearing protective earphones at Glastonbury and other concerts. It’s never too early to take care of your ears. An article in the Daily Mail also suggests that if you leave a concert with ringing in your ears, it’s a sure sign that you’ve been exposed to too many decibels. The ringing is a defence mechanism that is the ear’s own way of trying to protect our hearing. Always listen to your body.

3. Dietary supplements can help

New research looking at the effect of our diet on hearing reveals that certain vitamins can actually help you retain your hearing for longer. The Guardian published an article this year that showed that tests on Vitamins A, C, E and the use of magnesium can improve blood circulation to the inner ear and the general health of our body. Broccoli already has a reputation as a super food, and it’s worthwhile researching other foods that will help you combat old age.

4. Review your working environment

If you work in a noisy atmosphere with a background cacophony of loud machine noise, then you must protect your ears. You should always make sure that your employer supplies you with earplugs, and when you have a break, try to relax in a more peaceful environment. If you enjoy motor sport, then the same rules apply; the loud sounds of car or motorbike engines will damage your hearing.

5. Protect your ears

As long as you cleanse your ears in the bath or shower, then there’s no need to put foreign objects into them. This applies to cotton buds and other forms of artificial cleaners. If you think that you suffer from earwax problems, then you should visit your GP and see if your ears need syringing, or go privately to an ear specialist like Auris Ear Care or Newcastle ear wax removal. If you have a cold and it appears that you have also contracted an ear infection, make sure that you have your ears examined by a professional. An untreated ear infection can lead to long term hearing loss. Once you have lost this sense you can’t retrieve it, and your ears are precious and deserve to be protected.

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