How To Keep Your Children Entertained Whilst Staying At Home

With stay-at home guidelines extending longer than many expected, figuring out how to keep your children occupied without going outside may be becoming a near impossible task. Finding ways to keep them entertained through months and months of lockdowns is so important, as you must ensure that they stay mentally and physically active for the benefit of their long term health. Luckily, there are in fact several different ideas that you may not have considered which can keep your little ones occupied for hours (or even days!) on end, and it couldn’t be easier to get started today. So, if you would like to find out more, then read on to uncover some of the best activities and tips that you can utilise now to make sure your children can stay entertained without having to leave the comfort of your home!

Focus On Competition 

One of the best ways to encourage your little ones to get really involved in an activity is through the use of competition. There are so many brilliant games that you can make the most of, from educational games to creative platforms and more! Having the fastest cars in gta 5 is sure to encourage your children to play until they win, so find out some extra tricks and packages that you utilise to make their playing experience even more inspiring. Any game that has levels or leaderboards will encourage an air of competition, so search around and find a few age appropriate games that you’re sure your child will love to play. 


Get Cooking 

A great activity that can keep your children occupied for hours is cooking, and it’s a key still that they can utilise in the future, too. There’s a seemingly endless supply of recipes that you and your little ones can follow with ease, from delicious Chinese noodle dishes to the perfect Italian pasta plates! You’ll get to enjoy a lovely dinner together once you’ve finished cooking up a storm, creating the opportunity for some quality time together. 

Cooking with kids

Get Creative & Make Some Artwork

There’s no better opportunity to get creative and do some artwork than a lockdown, as you have a large amount of time on your hands that you can use to plan and make lots of different forms of art! You can start off simple with a dry pasta and PVA glue creation, as it’s likely you have these two materials in your home without having to go outside. This is a great activity for young kids as no dangerous chemicals (such as oil paints) are being used, but always monitor them to ensure they do not choke on the dry pasta. If your children are a little older and you want something more complex, purchase a sketchbook or easel and a few pencils or paints and let their imagination run wild. Having the freedom tricks express themselves through artwork is a great way to pass the time during lockdown. 

Keeping your children entertained at home has never been so simple!

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