Why You Should Declutter Your Home In 2021

If you have entered 2021 with a palpable sense of dread, you aren’t alone. Most of the time, a new year feels like a fresh start, a way to begin again after the year that has passed. Unfortunately, though, most of us feel exhausted as we head into this new year. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused chaos throughout our world and has led us to all feel pretty bleak at times.

Despite this negative period for our society, there are always silver linings to be found. One silver lining for many families has been spending more time at home, all together, away from the distractions of work days and social events. Your home is a more important place than ever before at this time. 

Let’s take a look at how our homes can be improved and treasured through the decluttering process in 2021!

Your Mind’s Clutter

First thing’s first: clutter isn’t just clutter. All of us have corners in our homes that compile the junk we forget about, or get too busy to clear away. This is negligible, we think – it’s put away, it’s over there, it’s no big deal. However, studies have shown that cluttered homes can lead to an increase in anxiety, as well as a feeling of disorganisation and restlessness for those living in your home. 

Clearing your clutter in 2021 isn’t about just making your home more spacious and clean – it’s also about clearing your mind as we head into another difficult year. Invest in yourself by decluttering, you won’t regret it!

There’s No Such Thing As “Getting Rid”

If you are concerned about being wasteful during the decluttering process, not to worry. There are plenty of options you could explore for doing something good with the things you want to chuck. Let’s take a look at how your throwaway clutter can be used for good!

  • Helping others. Many people have suffered in the last few years, particularly in the past twelve months during the pandemic. If you have belongings, furniture, clothing or toys that are suitable for use but unwanted in your household, why not donate them to a local refugee centre, charity shop or nursery?
  • Saved for a rainy day. If there are larger items in your home, such as couches, wardrobes or other furniture, that you don’t need in your space but you want to hold onto, why not save them for a rainy day? You can store your furniture in self storage that will keep it safe from weather or theft, meaning that you can always return to it at a later date if you need it!
  • Sell the furniture on. If you want to supplement your income and help someone enjoy your old belongings, why not sell them on to a new family? 

Final Thoughts

If you are struggling with clutter as we head into this brand new year, why not set yourself a decluttering goal for 2021? A fresh start, with a fresh mind and a clear home is bound to set you up right for 2021!


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