Gifted: Say “Vamousse” to Head Lice

With young children still at nursery and kids (hopefully) heading back to school on 8th March, it may only be a matter of weeks before you get the dreaded letter home saying head lice have been found on a child.

A commonly held frustration by parents is that other parents are knowingly sending their kids to school with head lice and therefore cause the spread, but lice infestations are spread by undetected infestations that can take over a month to discover.

A head lice infestation takes time to develop. In its early days an infestation consists of young lice (nymphs) that are too small to be seen by the naked eye and eggs that usually do not cause symptoms such as itching/a crawling sensation.

To stop an infestation taking hold both adult lice and, later hatching lice (nymphs) emerging from eggs need to be killed of infestation.

A recent survey by Vamousse showed most parents are too slow to take action, often waiting for visible signs of lice before whipping out the detection comb and using a product for protection or treatment.

The short video explains how using Vamousse® Protective Shampoo in the early stages helps get rid of the hidden enemies before they get chance to grow, breed and cause general nuisance in your child’s hair.

How Vamousse® Protective Shampoo Works

When used regularly as part of a family bath-time routine Vamousse® Protective Shampoo can help stamp out an infestation before it takes hold, by killing the lice that have unknowingly been contracted and later killing lice as they emerge from eggs that have been laid. So when a note comes home from nursery or school to tell you there’s been a case of lice, that’s the moment to spring into action and use Vamousse ®

The team at Vamousse have given me a shampoo and treatment set worth £25 total to giveaway to one of my readers

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