3 Things to Do with Your Kids as Soon as Lockdown is Over

While there are plenty of fun things to do while being stuck inside during the current pandemic, most of us are now starting to get a little antsy and could do with venturing out a little. While there is currently no end in sight for when restrictions will be lifted, fingers crossed for the beginning of March, it could still be a while before family establishments begin to open up again.

With things expected to begin a return to normal by the start of the summer, at least it will be the season that the whole family enjoys, especially the children and supporting some of our local businesses will be more important than ever so some of the best things we could do include:

  • Local play centre
  • Little local holiday
  • Family walk

Activity and play centres are currently losing a lot of business and could do with a little injection once they reopen while venturing out on a local holiday will provide a tourism boost and there’s no better way to discover hidden gems than with the all-day family walk.

They Exercise, You Relax

Kids love the activity and play centres that grace almost every town and city and they’re a great place to relax with friends. Keeping one eye on the children, you can make the most of the time and catch up on gossip while the kids get their daily exercise and like a man at a used sport car sale, you won’t see them for hours.

Most play centres also provide food and drinks but as we come out of the pandemic it might be too much to expect normal service to resume straight away. Play centres don’t make much money as it is and with lockdown restrictions in place, they are going to need all the help they can get when they finally reopen.

Boost Local Tourism 

The growing tradition of the “Staycation” has never been more important than it is right now. While it might be tempting to look for discounted foreign holidays because of lockdown, it might also be a little presumptuous to think that border rules will be relaxed as local lockdowns are eased.

Tourism in your own country, even your own town or  city is a great opportunity to get to discover more about where you live and the history of it. Your local tourism board will appreciate the business and it might be best if we all look after our own homes first before going anywhere else.

Venture Out and Stretch Your Legs

An excellent way to discover hidden spots and local business the family walk is an excellent way to bond, have fun and get some exercise while you do it. This doesn’t necessarily have to be where you live as some of the best days out can be had by driving a couple of hundred miles into the countryside or a seaside town and just exploring.

The pandemic has taken its toll and been disastrous for smaller towns and villages, so getting out there and showing some support for local business will provide a much needed and welcome boost to some of the smaller companies and tourist spots that don’t see much as it is.


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  1. We cannot wait for lockdown to end. Our daughter wants to go to the local beach for hot donuts and ice cream and a go in the arcade. We can’t wait to book a holiday in the UK even if it’s just for a weekend x


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