Project 365 2021: Week Seven


Half term week at last and no battles to do schoolwork this week, plus a week off for both my husband and I.

Normally we would be heading away, but not this year thanks to lockdown. It is also the anniversary of our Spanish holiday where I spent the week in hospital with Sebby as he had pneumonia.

On Thursday I got a phone call from my GP. I was slightly concerned it was to do with the results of my recent smear test, but they invited me in for my COVID jab on Saturday. I am eligible as I take immunosuppressants for arthritis.

Here is our week:

Sunday 14th February

We never normally celebrate Valentine’s day, last year we were in a Travelodge with all the kids as we had an early start to travel to Spain the following morning.

This year we made more of an effort for it to be a nice day.


As you can see, Netflix inspired our choice of cards this year, Eliza made us a card each and Sebby made a card for just Daddy. The plan was to get out for a walk along the beach, but sadly the weather was against us so we decided to stay at home and enjoy the Cronuts I had bought the day before.


Our dining room is more of a playroom at the moment, with the kids game consoles in there, so for our evening meal they carried the dining table into the lounge, so we could eat in peace.


Eliza wrote up a menu for us and her and Isaac were our waitress and maître d’.


It was a really enjoyable evening, our Valentine’s meal deal from M&S was delicious and the kids loved being part of the day.

Monday 15th February

The kids were finally on half term, so no schoolwork. I had to be up early however, as I had to go and collect Lilah.

Lilah balloon

It was so nice not to have to worry about zoom calls and lessons plans and we did manage to avoid the rain and get out for a walk.


Or shall I call it more of a paddle!!

Tuesday 16th February

Another early start for me as we had Lilah again, but this time we were housebound for the day as the weather was awful and our local walks closed.

Mr Potato Head

Eliza had been sorting out her room and found some more toys for Lilah to play with, She took a particular shine to Mr Potato Head.

Wednesday 17th February

On Wednesday we took delivery of a food hamper from Pantry House.

Pantry House

Inside was a biscuit mix and Eliza could not wait to get baking.

Eliza cookies

Let’s just say that the cookie’s didn’t last long in our house, but they were delicious.

Thursday 18th February

Finally some sunshine!!

Sebby Bike

We love our family bike rides, but Sebby has always been on the back of mine. We have tried to get him cycling before now, but he never seemed to have the ability to peddle forwards. Today we took him out, determined to get him going.

Sebastian bike

He did really well, if not very fast. We took it in turns to coach / push him along and on our four mile walk, he cycled at least half of it – now just to get him going without stabilisers.

Canford Magna

Friday 19th February

The sunshine didn’t last long and we were welcomed to another day of rain, so decided on an 80’s movie marathon, introducing the kids to Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Splash and Three Men and a Baby.

We now have a list of even more films to try next, with Herbie next on my list, after being sent this fab Playmobil Beetle to review.


Saturday 20th February

COVID vaccination day for me!!


I had to join a queue to get in, but it didn’t take long and didn’t hurt a bit!!

We also did some more baking with the kids too, making Raspberry and Almond slices and chocolate rice krispie cakes.


How has your week been?

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10 thoughts on “Project 365 2021: Week Seven”

  1. Half term has been brilliant not having to fight over the home learning.
    Oh gosh! How it is a year since Sebby had pneumonia. That has flown over. That is great news about the Covid vaccine.
    The cronuts look interesting!
    What a fab Valentine’s day you had with a wonderful waitress.
    Lovely photos! It looks like a great week x

  2. We’ve done lots of baking this week too – well, N has. Glad you got outside for a bit. We’ve been a bit rubbish staying indoors mostly. The OH will be the first to get the vaccine here as he’s over 50.

  3. How lovely that the kids were involved in helping make your Valentine’s meal at home special. That food hamper looks good. Our local garden centre sells the Bottled Baking Co. bottles and we’ve made cakes from them a couple of times. I love that Playmobil Beetle. #project365

  4. Great that you have had your jab. The weather was pants here over half term, although it was nice not to have to worry about the school work. Love how the kids got involved with your Valentines meal.

  5. Glad you have had your vaccine. I love hearing that more and more people are having it. They are all working so quickly. You have inspired me to start thinking about travelling in February. I love how everyone got involved in your Valentine’s meal. I think lots of us make more of an effort to do something this year #365


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