5 Ways You Could Be Overspending On Vet Bills

Vet bills can be one of the most expensive costs of being a pet owner. However, many of us end up spending a lot more than is necessary. Below are just five ways you could be overspending on vet bills.

Not detecting health problems early

When a health problem is detected earlier rather than later, treatment is often easier and cheaper. Of course, detecting problems early isn’t always easy. Animals cannot communicate with us when they are in pain and may instinctually try to hide symptoms. This leads to many health problems being detected late when they are already severe.

Regular vet checkups could be one way of spotting problems early. While this means visiting the vet more regularly, you could still save money in the long run by being able to spot and treat problems sooner. There are ways in which you as a pet owner can spot problems early too. Sometimes as simply as unusual bowel movements can signal a lot as this dog poo colour and consistency chart shows. Changes in mood or appetite are also tell tale signs that something could be wrong.

Delaying treatment

Once you’ve diagnosed a problem, it’s important to then not delay treatment too long. Wait a couple months and the health problem may get worse, resulting in more complex and more expensive treatment being required. 

If you end up delaying treatment due to the cost, consider whether there are options such as loans or installment plans. Pet insurance can also help to make treatment more affordable – although you have to pay monthly installments that could end up costing more in the long run, it could prevent you having to pay out large sums for surgery.

Failing to shop around

When getting expensive treatment such as surgery, consider whether other clinics in the area may be able to offer the same treatment at a cheaper price. Staying loyal to one clinic won’t always get you the best deal – once you know what treatment is needed, you can usually ring around for quotes.

When it comes to getting routine treatments done on a tight budget (such as vaccinations or neutering), it’s also worth looking into local pop-up clinics. Local veterinary colleges may also be willing to offer treatment for free (just be wary that veterinary students will be treating your pet, although they will always be overseen by an experienced professional).

Splurging on pet insurance

Pet insurance can make veterinary treatment more affordable for many people. However, you should be careful of spending huge monthly bills. 

Certain specific pets may be more expensive to insure – particularly breeds that are more prone to health problems or older pets. In these cases, weigh up whether pet insurance is really worth it. You should always shop around for schemes in order to get the best rates. Avoid high deductible plans and this will usually mean spending most of the cost of treatment out of your own pocket.

Not providing a healthy lifestyle for your pet

A lot of health problems in pets can be avoided by providing your pet with a healthy lifestyle. This involves grooming them, giving them a good diet and keeping them active. Avoid spoiling your pet and don’t give into lazy habits that could harm your pet. 

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  1. Excellent tips! Vet expenses could be really huge. As you have rightly mentioned prevention is always better than cure and to have that cushion of pet insurance is always helpful.


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