How to buy shoes online for problem feet

I have been suffering with psoriatic arthritis for a number of years and it mainly affects the joints in my toes, although it has now spread to my hands.

Psoriatic arthritis is a long-term condition that can get progressively worse, but there are times when my symptoms have been in remission, but there are also times where I have bad flare ups.

Just before Christmas I had a bad flare up and the swelling in my feet was so bad that I could not get, even my most comfy of shoes, on my foot.

I am a big fan of Hotter Shoes and before lockdown 3.0, I decided to head into town to their shop to see if I could find some shoes that would accommodate my swollen feet, only to find that my local shop had closed.

Buying shoes online at Lucky Feet Shoes Stores has always been a no for me because of the issues with my feet, but I had to do something as I needed new shoes for work.

One thing I rave about with Hotter Shoes, is their customer service and even with their shops being closed, they took time time to help me find the ideal shoes for me.

I spoke to Chloe in their customer service team, who listened to my shoe requests and then pulled together a list of shoes that would most fit my needs – the swelling I get is mostly in my right big toe and little toe, so I need lots of “wiggle room”.

Psoriatic arthritis

There was no hard sell, she simply sent me an email with suggestions and let me decide what would work best for me.

Whisper boots:  Smart, black ankle boot with plenty of wiggle room for toes!  Is also available in ‘Jet Black’ which includes perforations on the upper ankle area of the boot.  We have received great customer feedback on this boot – These are one of our top sellers.

Willow Boots: I think these are the boots you saw on our Facebook page.  These unfortunately don’t come in black but do come in Navy.  However, the Navy has alight coloured sole, I was not sure if this would work for you.  These come up a little narrower than the Whisper in the toe area but are still very generous.    

Embrace Shoes: Built on the same ‘mould’ as the Whisper boot – very generous fitting in the front tie are of the shoe.  Does come in black – however these are on a pre order until W/C 22/02/21.  The embrace is part of our new Cushion + range which offers additional underfoot cushioning.

Shake Shoes: Also built on the same mould as Whisper.  These are one of our best-selling styles and have been in production for over 10 years – classic Hotter! More of a Mary-Jane style rather than a full closed shoe

Robyn Shoes: A slip on version of ‘Shake’ shoe.  A newer style in the range, but with very good feedback from customers.

I opted for the Embrace Shoes in the end and they are a delight to wear.

I work for a busy supermarket and can easily manage between 10,000 – 15,000 steps per day and the Embrace shoes honestly felt like I had put on a pair of slippers.

Crafted with their Cushion+ technology, Embrace is made with comfort at its heart. The shoes have a lightweight Freesole with a full Infinergy ® insert that absorbs the impact of your step and returns that energy into your next, enhancing your walking motion and reducing fatigue, while the OrthoLite ® insole cushions and supports your every movement.

The shoe is a classic leather slip-on with an elastic stretch panel to flex as you move and zip to simply Zip-and-Go with the quickest of ease and are smart enough to wear to work, or dressed down with a pair of jeans.

The Embrace Shoes come in four different widths, including Slim, Standard, Wide and Extra Wide, plus UK whole and half sizes.

If you have problem feet, or simply want to walk around as if you are walking on air, I highly recommend Hotter Shoes. Their advice was so helpful, so give them a call or drop them an email if you are struggling like I was.

Disclaimer: I was invited to try their telephone customer service and received a pair of Embrace Shoes for the purpose of a review

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  1. These sound amazing! I have various issues with my feet, so the idea of walking on air sounds heavenly 🙂


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