Project 365 2021: Week Ten

The kids are back to school!!

We have been trying to get back into the routine of school runs and the traffic has definitely increased as the week has gone on.

Here is our week:

Sunday 7th March

My husband and I both worked, so left Kian in charge of the kids. As it was such a nice day, he took them out for a walk on the heath.

Canford Heath

It wouldn’t be a traditional walk without finding them climbing up a tree!

Canford Heath

Monday 8th March

Back to school for Eliza and Sebby.


They had to follow the same rules as there were last term – no schoolbags or lunchboxes, so lunch is in a paper bag and their drinks bottles are wiped clean at the gate. They were very excited to see their friends though.


I was worried that Lilah would miss having them around, but she still had Isaac and Kian to interact with, so was fine.

Canford Heath

We managed a Heath walk before we picked Eliza and Sebby up from school, although I forgot that some pathways were very sandy, which is a challenge with the buggy and we ended up dragging it some of the way.

Tuesday 9th March

My husband was off work, so we headed to the beach for a walk.


We were impressed with how many people were enjoying being out on the sea, although I am not sure that we are brave enough yet, it’s still far too cold for me.


Much as I love our family walks, it was nice to be out with just the two of us.


We got home in time to take Isaac for his lateral flow test. He had to wear full uniform for literally 15 minutes in school and was nervous about going in, but once he saw his friends he was ok.

Lateral Flow Tests

He said it was uncomfortable, but not too bad and once he had finished, we headed to our local testing station to collect some home tests as he needs to test twice a week.

We had parents evening with the Eliza and Sebastian and the teachers were pleased with their progress. Both commented that they were a bit over-excited to be back in school, but I think most kids are at the thought of seeing their friends.

Wednesday 10th March

Isaac’s test was negative, so his first day back at school, in the rain.


I completely misjudged the amount of traffic on the road, so he was super early. I am not going to miss homeschooling, but I really don’t like the school run dash – it is going to take some getting used to again.

We got his school report back when he got home, which stated he had not been working consistently remotely and was behind. All the feedback we have had has been positive, so it was a bit of a shock but it seems like all the other parents were in the same boat, looking at their facebook page, so I sent his teacher an email.

Thursday 11th March

Email back from the school to say there had been a technical error with the reports, so to disregard it. Still a bit frustrated that it had not been checked in the first place, but hoping his amended one will be better.


One of Eliza’s projects for school is to create a wildlife area in the garden. We already have a sunken bowl and a bird box, but I picked up a bug hotel at work and my friends daughter has been making bird boxes, so bought another one from her, for the garden.


Eliza enjoyed personalising them with some fence paint.

Friday 12th March

The Mother’s Day rush is well and truly on at work and we were busy all day with people buying flowers and gifts.


Eliza is studying The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse at school and loves the book. I have been thinking of buying it for a while, so decided to go for it – she hasn’t put it down since!

Saturday 13th March

Work was bedlam and we were so busy that we ran out of flowers by 2pm.


Let’s just say my feet were killing me by the end of the day!!

How was your week?

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14 thoughts on “Project 365 2021: Week Ten”

  1. Wow, all those flowers gone. I suppose no florists are open to drop in (although somehow our market stall has been for the last 2 weeks), unless you’ve ordered in advance, so everyone’s relying on supermarkets. How frustrating about the report – v careless of school given how upsetting a worse report than expected can be.

  2. It was nice to have Lillie home with me until Thursday and the boys went back on Monday. Thursday felt so odd to have the house to myself but the kids enjoyed being back at school.

  3. Love the photo of the kids climbing the tree and the photos from your beach walk are beautiful. I am always a little envious of people who live near to the beach – we’re such a long way away from any. Looks like you had quite a rush on with flowers for Mother’s Day. #project365

  4. I hope some of those flowers made it to your house for Mothers Day. The beach looks and sounds so romantic living that close to enjoy walking down there, not so glam when it’s raining though I bet. Shame about Seb’s report, I’m guessing a teacher did a big cut and paste job, then personalised but forgot to remove the paste part, oops. Love the outdoor projects, fab ideas.

  5. Sounds like back to school went well. Shame they messed up on the reports.

    My eldest had to wear her uniform too just to go in for the test.

    I was lucky then that I managed to grab some flowers for my mum before they ran out!

  6. What a busy week! Shame about the reports being sent out wrongly, so stressful. Just look at the flowers stall empty!
    Sounds like the going back to school went well. Love the sea views, I am so envious you are living close to the sea! 🙂
    The bug house looks good. Lilah is so cute!

  7. How frustrating about the report. Especially when he has tried so hard, even if it is wrong it must be upsetting. Wow, can’t believe you ran out of flowers. Hope you had a lovely Mothers Day

  8. Guess the flowers gone mean a lot of happy mums on Mother’s Day! Glad the kids are back in school and the covid test was negative (I’m used to them, they’re not too bad!). Shame about the report, remote learning has been inconsistent so the kids’ reponse has been too! #project365

  9. I haven’t heard of the no lunch boxes rule. Our kids have been able to take theirs in. We went to Sainsbury’s before lunchtime on Mother’s day and they had no flowers left either. I hope the correct report from school was better #365

  10. Glad the kids are back in school. hope they enjoy it and are safe.. the water looks is a big error on the part of the school to send negative and wrong reports..Imagine the stress of the parents…


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