Review: Outdoor Fun with Wicked Vision Toys

Back in June last year we were invited to review some outdoor toys from Wicked Visions toys.

They certainly helped us get through last years lockdown and the firm favourite was the giant Wicked Mega Bounce XL Ball.

Eliza Mega Bounce

This spring, we have been sent some more of their fantastic range of toys to review and the kids have had great fun testing them out.

Mega Jump Rope

At the age of 10, Eliza is starting to become more independent and we have been allowing her to meet a couple of school friends at the park and they have all discovered a love of skipping.

The Mega Jump Skipping Rope allows you to adjust the length of the rope using the rope release mechanism, according to your height, by taking the cap of the handle, remove the clip and cut/adjust the rope to size, up to 300cm – that way it is perfect for using alone, or as a jump rope team.

Wicked Zzzopa Ball

Sebby instantly radiated to the Zzzopa Ball, which can be spun, bounced and thrown.

The Wicked Zzzopa is the world’s first bouncing ball with high speed spin technology! Each Zzzopa contains a high-quality bearing that sits on an axle within the centre of the ball, which means you can spin your Zzzopa in your fingertips with speed, precision and ultimate satisfaction. It’s a great fidget toy as well as a playable ball in its own right.

Wicked Outdoor Booma

The Outdoor Booma is made of a special co-polymer composite which means it’s virtually unbreakable! Not only that this material allows you to ‘tune’ the wings for different flight paths so whether you prefer high hovering flights or fast low flights you’ll get the best of both!

When thrown as instructed the Outdoor Booma will fly 15-20 metres and return to the spot, but I would advise you use it on a calm day as the wind can take it quite far – it helps to have someone to fetch it for you.

Wicked Vision UKick

UKick is a fun, social, healthy and totally addictive sporting craze that fuses elements of badminton, street football and freestyle the aim of the game is to keep the UKick in the air with your feet and other parts of your body and prevent it from touching the ground!

UKick’s beauty is it can be played alone or with friends, for fun or in competition, indoors or outside!

Wicked Vision toys are available from Amazon and all good toy shops.

Would any of these toys appeal to your kids?

51 thoughts on “Review: Outdoor Fun with Wicked Vision Toys”

  1. I love toys that are for outdoors the kids enjoy it and it wears them out quickly the giant ball looks like great fun

  2. These toys seems to be great for outdoor play, I was not knowing all of these before. My daughter and her cousins would love to try them!

  3. This range looks fab! Definitely something I’ll be looking out for to play with at the park this summer!

  4. These toys all look like great fun! I love seeing little ones outdoors enjoying themselves it beats technology any day πŸ™‚

  5. Love this selection! outdoor toys have really helped us get through all the lockdowns and its always good to find more ways to keep the kids entertained!

  6. I think all of them would appeal. I love how “classic” they are but whilst being modern and appealing. Love that skipping rope and how versatile it is!

  7. Jump rope was one of my favourite things as a kid! There are so many fab toys here to keep the kids (and parents too) out in the fresh air and having fun!

  8. It’s a really good tip of yours to inflate the mega bounce ball outside because it won’t fit through the doors once inflated. Easy mistake to make!

  9. Some really fun and unique toys here! Outdoor toys are something I really need to buying soon as the weather is suddenly much warmer.

  10. Well if I won the super size ball I’d try it with my Staffie, think it would be bigger than him, would love to see him chasing it


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