How to Take Proper Care of Your Jewellery

Jewellery in many cases is an investment and, to most people, it has huge sentimental value attached to it. Therefore, it is essential to take proper care of your jewellery to ensure that they stay clean, work appropriately, and look their best for ages to come. Whether it is a gold bracelet, a cherished pearl necklace or diamond engagement rings, this guide will show you how to effectively take care of your jewellery.

1. Always store them in a jewellery box

The manner in which you store your jewellery can either help them or harm them, depending on how you do it. If you have chosen to shop for an antique ring, always keep them in a jewellery box or case, and keep every piece separated from the other. This helps because when you have a designated storage area for your pieces, it becomes easy to find them and you don’t have to worry about bracelets, necklaces or chains breaking.

2. Only let experts handle your maintenance issues

Your jewellery should be regularly checked by an authorised professional for wear or damage. Having your precious pieces maintained by a professional come with its benefits. Not only does it preserve the natural beauty of the jewellery, but also it keeps it from getting damaged over time. This is especially true for watches, so if you have a valuable timepiece make sure to always let professional dealers such as the Patek Lab handle it, have it cleaned and maintained routinely.

3. Keep gold pieces separate from silver pieces

Silver can transfer its tarnish to the gold jewellery making it appear dull. Always keep your jewellery pieces separate from each other to help them stand the test of time.

4. Clean the pieces appropriately and use specific products

Dirty and unkept jewellery can be a haven for bacteria that could cause skin allergies, irritation, and complete degradation and discolouration of your precious metals. Therefore, it is crucial to clean your jewellery properly. Many jewellery places issue specific products to clean your jewellery. Always use these products to keep your pieces in top quality.

5. Avoid contact with skincare products

Most antique rings, jewellery and natural gemstones become vulnerable to absorbing oils and dirt, and acidic skincare products can strip the properties of your pieces. That said, before using skincare products or spritzing perfumes, always remove your jewellery.

6. Avoid sun exposure

The sun’s UV rays may bleach some materials especially in natural gemstones, and accelerate its deterioration and distort colour in various gemstones. When storing your jewellery, always keep them in a cool dry place away from sunlight exposure or excessive heats.

Last but not least,a good rule of thumb is to always put on your jewellery on last, to complement your overall look, and take them off first when changing your clothes or going to bed. 

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