Creative Ways To Chronicle Your Motherhood Milestones

Motherhood is a profound journey unlike any other, and it’s important to celebrate and remember as many milestones from the life-changing experience as possible. 

After all, the demands of parents change as their children get older. One moment you’re designing the perfect bedroom for your child yourself, and the next they’re teenagers who don’t want you anywhere near their rooms under any circumstances. There’s a huge trajectory in parenting in a myriad of other areas also, and it can feel like nothing about the experience stays the same for long. 

With all the many highs and lows that parenting can bring, it’s natural to want to chronicle the journey in some form. Photos and albums might satisfy some, but for such a special and long-time commitment, it might be that something more meaningful is in order on occasion too. 

Therefore, here’re some creative ways to chronicle your mothering milestones. 

Display Your Children’s Achievements

Swimming Gala

Over the course of their academic careers, hobbies, and extracurricular activities, your child may have a body of work they can be proud of in some capacity.

School work, sporting achievements, self-made birthday cards – the results of any work they’ve committed themselves to can be displayed around the family home. Even their frantic doodles from their earliest years are worthy of featuring on your fridge or bedroom wall. But what if you could get even more creative in how you feature their works?

For extra creative points, you could take pictures of their projects and create your very own scrapbook of each of their efforts. Perhaps you could smartly present some of the work or awards they’re proudest of in a fashionable display case too? Or you and your partner could make your own certificates for them that they can keep forever. In the end, going above and beyond in how you feature your child’s accomplishments around the house may just emphasise how proud you really are. 

Remember, not every achievement needs to be ground-breaking, and any success they have big or small will likely be a milestone moment in your eyes as a proud parent. Touchingly, even some of their simplest works can evoke incredibly powerful reactions from you, with these types of accomplishments being the building blocks of who they are and will come to be. Because of this, demonstrating your pride tenfold is recommended, so try to display the work more uniquely to really highlight how earnest your admiration is. 

Write Product Reviews 


Being a good mother requires plenty of supplies and products to get the job done well. The items that you end up using can be a crucial part of your journey as a parent too. 

If you’re a mother care product enthusiast, then it could be helpful to write up product reviews on all the goods that fundamentally changed your parenting for the better. That way, you can not only articulate your experiences with each product for your own satisfaction, but also help advise all the other mothers out there in potentially refining their childcare techniques too. 

With time, patience, and the right resources at your disposal, your reviewing could put much good out into the world. The free to use ReviewMaster website is a great database for making this happen, with each impression you post helping your favourite mother care brands and businesses attract more customers and subsequently boost their sales. It may then be that they’ll send you free samples of their products for you to review as well. Your experiences in motherhood could potentially help change the world. 

The best creative ideas always have the potential to evolve into something else later down the line, opening up new opportunities to you while bettering the wellbeing of others too. Give things a go here, and you may never look back. 

Provide an Artistic Twist

Milestone moments may be more touching if you reflect on them through an artistic lens. 

For example, instead of having typical portrait photos of your children around the house, it could be that you could sketch or paint them instead by hand or digitally. If you’re interests are in writing or music, then it might be a good idea to compose some poetry or tunes that’re inspired by your own parenting experiences. 

Another good idea could be creating an annual slideshow of your works. That way, reviewing your mother themed portfolio of art could be a family occasion, a creative way to look back on the year’s adventures you’ve all had together. Your artsy interpretations may be less likely to make your children cringe at raw pictures of themselves also, and they may feel intrigued and inspired by your works instead. 

Art Tables

Some people argue that motherhood is inherently beautiful, a subject for great art in and of itself. As well as being a creative outlet, some artists have attested that their efforts managed to help them process the complex feelings that pregnancy and motherhood brought about also. Therefore, as well as recording milestone moments in an interesting way, this experience could also be a cathartic one too. 

Film Time Lapse Videos

Time lapse videos are a great way to record your child’s growth through the years. 

After all, many people are continuously surprised when they see their friend’s kids have grown in-between encounters. Parents can experience a similar eerie feeling, and before they know it, their babies are growing into independent young men and women. Everything moves so fast.  

A time lapse video, however, can figuratively press pause on your child’s development here and there. Once a month, you can take a quick picture or film a quick clip of your kid, and after even two or three years only have passed, you should be able to see how your children are changing before your very eyes rather more noticeably. 

Of course, if you stay committed to this endeavour over the span of their entire childhood, what you will create is something truly mesmerising. Every awkward haircut, missing tooth, bout of bad acne, and questionable fashion choice can be documented right there for you to see. Viewing all the footage back-to-back, you should see your child evolve into a young adult before your very eyes, and you should feel like you never missed a second of their growth. 

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