Weddings Are Back! How To Find The Perfect Outfit

Weddings are back and many of us are looking forward to celebrating this summer. If you’ve been invited to a wedding and you don’t know where to start looking for an outfit, here are some top tips to dress for the big day. 

Your role

Before you start browsing virtual aisles or scouring the high street, it’s wise to consider your role on the day. If you’re looking for style tips for the mother of the bride, you’ll probably end up with a very different outfit to guests that aren’t part of the bridal party. It’s traditional for close members of the family to get dressed up and for their outfits to complement the colourway and theme chosen by the couple. If you’re an evening guest, you may prefer to opt for a slightly less formal look unless the dress code is black tie. 

Theme and dress code

If your invitation has information about the dress code, or you’ve been encouraged to follow a theme, make sure you check the instructions carefully and try to abide by the guidelines. Some couples will provide very specific information while others will simply suggest smart, informal or smart-casual. Formal dress codes usually mean wearing dresses or skirt suits but with a more casual brief, you can afford to be more adventurous. You might want to try a jumpsuit, a skirt and top or a tailored trouser suit, for example. 

The venue

The venue can provide you with clues when it comes to choosing an outfit if the couple hasn’t stipulated a dress code. There are all kinds of venues used for weddings today and the type of venue often says a lot about the vibe of the wedding. From barns and warehouses to churches, chapels, stately homes, castles, secluded forests, restaurants and luxury hotels, there’s a treasure trove of venues to choose from. If you’re going to a wedding in the great outdoors, it’s a good idea to take the conditions into consideration. Even if it’s a summer wedding, you can’t always rely on the British weather to play ball. You can keep warm and dry by taking a shawl, a jacket and an umbrella with you. It may also be wise to avoid towering heels or to take a pair of flats for the evening if you’re going to be outside. 

Choosing something unique

There’s always an element of fear attached to choosing an outfit for a wedding. Nobody wants to turn up at the venue to see another person wearing the same dress or skirt. If you’re keen to find something unique, avoid chain stores and well-known brands, customise outfits you already have, shop in vintage stores or have an outfit made. You don’t have to spend a fortune to create a one-off, especially if you have creative talents or you know people who have expertise in designing clothes or sewing. You could also think outside of the box and opt for less conventional styles. For summer weddings, for example, lots of people wear floral dresses and bright colours. Why not buck the trend and look for a top and skirt co-ord, tailored trousers with a top, a smart jumpsuit or a dark dress with colour-pop accessories?


Weddings are back and many of us are counting down the days until we get to toast happy couples and swap joggers for more glamorous get-ups. If you’re looking for outfit inspiration, take these tips on board. 

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