Project 365 2021: Week Twenty Three

My blog has finally been fixed.

I don’t think my host believed me at first, but I got a notification from google console that there were some unusual links. This is the second time I have been targeted and it’s always for dodgy links to football streams…….I think I have to change my blog name.

Here is our week:

Monday 7th June

Much to Isaac’s disgust, Eliza and Sebby had an inset day, but he didn’t, so back to school for him.

After a busy week, the kids didn’t want to go far. I’d bought some school shoes for Eliza online, using the online measure but they didn’t fit, so we needed to get her feet measured properly, so we headed into Christchurch.

Once we had finished, we wandered along the quay and watched the circus dismantle the big top which was fascinating and then headed to the park.

Tuesday 8th June

Everyone back to normal with school and work. My only picture for the day was of the Charity Book Shelf at work.

I only set it up 10 days ago, but we’ve raised £80 already and books are literally flying off the shelves.

Wednesday 9th June

I worked the preschool in the morning and then met up with a friend for tea and cake in the garden.

The weather was glorious and I loved her chandeliers with citronella candles inside.

Thursday 10th June

Eliza came home from school with a portrait done by her teacher and attached was her tooth that had fallen out and in the correct position too.

We downloaded the Voila app and started turning us all into Disney characters – it is lots of fun, although the ads are annoying.

Friday 11th June

I had a really good day at work and was looking forward to working the weekend when I got a notification to self isolate when I was picking Isaac up from school.

I have to admit my emotions went from hugely disappointed to fuming. Eliza was supposed to be at a glamping party that evening and even though she doesn’t have to isolate unless I get symptoms, understandably the parents didn’t want to risk her going. She was devastated, as she had been looking forward to it all week. Thankfully I managed to cheer her up a little with cats vs pickles toys we were sent to review.

It also means that I miss out on my niece’s 2nd birthday party and I have had to postpone Sebby’s birthday party for next Sunday. The only place I have been is work, so must have come into contact with someone there.

Saturday 12th June

I’ve been meaning to sort the boys wardrobe out for weeks, so I finally got stuck in, pausing to watch the Red Arrows put on a brief show as they arrived in Bournemouth.

Meanwhile, my husband had his second vaccination and then took the kids to our niece’s party.

We were watching the Denmark vs Finland Euro 2020 game and were all shocked when Erikson collapsed with a suspected heart attack. Looks like he is on the road to recovery, but our thoughts are with his team mates and family.

Sunday 13th June

I am so fed up of being stuck in, especially as the weather is glorious.

My peonies are cheering me up though – lets hope for an England win later.

How has your week been?

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9 thoughts on “Project 365 2021: Week Twenty Three”

  1. Glad you got your blog fixed.
    The charity book shelf is such a good idea and it sounds like it’s doing really well.
    I have seen loads of people using the Voila app. I think I need to give it a try.
    Oh no! So sorry you have to self isolate. It is rubbish you are going to miss out on things and have to postpone Sebby’s’ birthday party.
    The football yesterday was shocking. I am glad Erikson is on the road to recovery now. x

  2. What a pain having to isolate. Sods law it was over a time with lots of dun things. Must be hard to avoid it when checking into work in such a busy places with high turnover of people! Hope the week doesn’t drag too slowly

  3. Oh no to another self isolation! I love the idea of the charity book shelf and wish there was somewhere near me that offered this. The Disneyfied character photos look fab #project365

  4. Glad your blog got fixed. The charity book shelf is such a great idea. The Voila app is fun – we’ve been playing with it this week too. The ads are very annoying though. Sorry to hear that you’re having to self-isolate and that Eliza missed out on her glamping party and Sebby’s birthday party has to be postponed – hope you all stay well. #project365

  5. Oh no! So sorry about the isolation I really hope you do not get any symptoms. The charity book shelf idea is great and to have already made all that money. Hope it continues as well as it has started.


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